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AdWord Account Number change Terri Ettinger 4/24/12 1:14 PM
Hello Google,

I recently posted the message below on the help forum, and I did some research and I believe I figured out why our grant will be ending. 

We initially set up AdWord account number 776-543-2650 under my personal email. We then realized we needed to 
link it to our foundation email address so we set up AdWord account number 739-153-9552 on email - We were 
told our Google Grant was linked to AdWord account number 739-153-9552, so we have been actively managing this account. Upon further 
research, I discovered that our Grant is linked to 776-543-2650, which we have not been managing. 

We are now managing this AdWord account, and we would really like to keep our Grant going past 6/30/12. Please let me know what we need to
do to make this happen.

Thank you,

Terri Ettinger
Montclaire Educational Foundation President

On Apr 11, 2012, at 2:31 PM, Google Grants Help Forum wrote:
We received the Google Grant one year ago for a local elementary school and spent the past year integrating Google Wallet into everything we could to help bring technology to our school. It was been a great experience and the school has benefited tremendously from the grant.

 We just received an email saying that the free donation processing for nonprofits will be ending June 30th. This is very upsetting to us after all of the work we have done and it feels like you gave us the grant, we did all of the work to integrate Google in, and now you tell us we have to pay for everything, but we can not afford to do this. Is there another program we can apply for to help us with this?

Thank you,

Terri Ettinger

Re: AdWord Account Number change Robert Coats 5/31/12 11:39 AM
Hi Terri,
The letter you referenced above is about the program through Google Checkout, where donation processing fees are waived for Google Grants participants. The free donation fees program is coming to a close, not necessarily that your Google Grant is ending.

All the best,
Re: AdWord Account Number change Terri Ettinger 5/31/12 1:18 PM
Hello Robert,

Thank you for responding to my question, but I am still a little confused. I thought we had free donation fees because we have a Google Grant.
Is there another program we can apply for through our Google Grant that will give us free donation fees?

Thank you for your assistance in this,


Re: AdWord Account Number change Robert Coats 6/1/12 9:48 AM
HI Terri,
According to the following Checkout Help article,free transaction processing for Google grantees only goes through June 30th, 2012.