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Google Grants "enrollment" and billing

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Google Grants "enrollment" and billing DCPA 6/4/12 3:04 PM
My question as an approved Nonprofit is in two parts:

1) As I've seen in other posts, once I've completed the AdWord campaign (example 1 below), I am redirected back to the main Google Nonprofit page (example 2 below). I understand that I should go to All Products (example 3 below) and see "Enroll" beside all options. I don't see that. So if I click on Google Grants (example 4 below), then I'm just back at the beginning of the AdWord overview. If I select "Check your status or enroll in offerings here" link (example 5 below), then it tells me that I haven't enrolled in the Nonprofit program, which I was accepted in last July. 

2) When rashly "experimenting" with AdWords, I partially completed the billing info (minus the payment info) - so just basic name/address/etc. In going back to clear this, I am no longer finding the fields I previously completed. I think I'm just in the wrong area, but have been fiddling around so long now I'm not sure where I started and where I ended. Hopefully this has not wrecked my Google Grant eligibility.

3) And because I'm writing with this question, I'll just toss in another from an unrelated category. What the heck!?! It has taken me so long to act on our Nonprofit status because every time I go to sign up for the free apps and I have to verify our domain. Despite repeatedly trying for more than a year, my web manager has been unable to get any of the verifications to work. We believe that this is due to how our home page was built. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. The site is

Many thanks in advance!

Re: Google Grants "enrollment" and billing DCPA 6/5/12 10:42 AM
AN UPDATE TO MY QUERIES. I found the correct Google Grants Enrollment page. When I enter my Customer ID to submit my AdWord campaign for review, I get an error message: 

"Access denied: ou do not have access to this organization."

Re: Google Grants "enrollment" and billing Robert Coats 6/7/12 9:05 AM
As you described the situation above, it sounds like you are are running into a very common issue of being logged in with the wrong account.

Since many users have "personal" Google accounts (gmail, adwords, youtube, etc) they are often logged in to these accounts instead of the account they set up for use with their nonprofit.

That would explain the issues you are seeing such as: "Access denied: you do not have access to the organization" and that you are "not enrolled". This could also explain the verification issues you have been running into.

As a heads up, since you were "rashly experimenting" and partially completed billing, that account can no longer be used as grant account. When you submit it, you will get an error message saying you need to create it all over again. Go ahead and set up a new one now being sure to follow the account creation guide to a a T. 

All the best,

Re: Google Grants "enrollment" and billing Andrea Gauvin 6/27/12 9:54 AM

I'm having this same problem. However, I applied to Google AdWords, accidentally put in billing (NOT payment) information, and realized my error that the Google Grants account does not want ANY billing or payment information included. When I realized this, I was so far into the process that I couldn't backtrack to the "Set-up Billing Later" button. I deleted all of the billing info and tried to submit my account to Google Grants and got an "Access denied: you do not have access to this organization." message. So I attempted to cancel my AdWords account and submit all of the information again. Now, it says that the billing portion of my account has been cancelled- but if I log out of the account and attempt to set up a new AdWords account with the same e-mail address that I used to sign up for Google for Non-profits- all of the AdWords stuff is still there! VERY frustrating. And of course, I can't find a phone # for anyone associated with Google Grants to get this sorted out. 

I can't believe that one tiny error can screw everything up like this, and it's not possible to delete the info. and still keep everything else associated with the account intact. I'm willing to accept the loss and just create the entire account again- but I can't even do that! Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Google Grants "enrollment" and billing Robert Coats 6/28/12 2:57 PM
Hi Andrea,
Yes, you will need to create a new AdWords account. The reason is that once any billing information has been entered (even if you just click on the enter billing button) it triggers something in the back-end database that locks it from being able to be listed as a "grant" account.

A little frustrating yes, and it is one of the most common issues that arises. 

If you need any help, feel free to reach out.

All the best,