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Google for Nonprofits App question

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Google for Nonprofits App question 1Frannie 2/28/12 1:23 PM
I completed the app for the Google for Nonprofits, however I did not see a location where I was instructed to place which keywords, etc. that I would be using.  Has the app changed? Thank you.

Re: Google for Nonprofits App question Robert Coats 2/28/12 3:13 PM
If by "Has the app changed?" you mean has the application process for Google Grants changed, then the answer is 'Yes' - at least in regards to US-based nonprofit organizations.

Once you have applied for the Google for nonprofits program, you will then be able to easily enroll in the Google Grants product. The whole process is much more steam-lined and approvals are much quicker than in the previous process.

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