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Can't Use Anywhere Near Total Budget. Need Assistance.

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Can't Use Anywhere Near Total Budget. Need Assistance. EConsulting 7/27/10 3:09 PM
We have a client with a $10,000/mo budget but are having a hard time spending even 25% of total budget.  Primarily this is because of the max cpc of $1.00 which is understandable.  We need some assistance for this campaign as our client is an adoption agency that is non-profit and the difference would be a huge boost to the cause.  Please advise.
Re: Can't Use Anywhere Near Total Budget. Need Assistance. Robert Coats 7/28/10 12:17 AM
No magic bullet... it's just a continuous process of expanding the keyword list with relevant keywords to increase impressions while working to increase the CTR of ads to increase the number of clicks on the impressions that you get.

Re: Can't Use Anywhere Near Total Budget. Need Assistance. kendickens 8/25/10 8:10 AM
Here are some specific things you can do:

1.  Expand your campaigns, which is really about expanding your thinking.  Advertise your specific content- an article, a tool, a list, etc. Create helpful content and advertise it. This will start a conversation with your prospects, get them comfortable with you, and encourage them to learn more about you, which is the first step to getting supporters, volunteers, etc.  Give to get, just like you do with non-profit!
2. Use keyword substitution in the headline of your ads. This will display exactly what the searcher types in as your headline, which in turn will increase your click-through rate dramatically, which in turn will improve your quality score, which in turn will enable you to advertise in categories where the cost per click is more than a dollar because your results will be better than those bidding higher than you.
3. Narrow your ad groups to focus on a single keyword, don't mix.  Even go as far as to narrow that ad groups to singular vs plural forms of the same word.  Very focused ad groups will perform better and increase your quality score.
4.  Use more keywords in every ad group.  Literally hundreds, or even 1000.  Use the keyword tool and click "add all".  You'll usually get more than 50 keywords.  Then do it again and you'll get 50 more. Lather rinse and repeat.
5. Try local, or State campaigns, including the location name in the ad copy. Duplicate ones that work to other cities or states. 

Start with #1 above as this is where the biggest win is, and will enable you to spend all your money faster.  Spend it all, and then narrow your focus. It's Google's money and they want you to spend it, and unlike commercial advertising, for a non-profit all traffic is good traffic.
Re: Can't Use Anywhere Near Total Budget. Need Assistance. Grants Guru Janelle 11/22/10 2:25 PM
In addition to the answers above, please check out the AdWords Optimization Center for more tips on improving your campaign performance. 
Re: Can't Use Anywhere Near Total Budget. Need Assistance. bosspass 12/7/10 1:38 PM
I found by watching the videos from the yearly conferences you will get a blue print on how to up your spend to maximize your award.   The Google conf. videos, on youtube at Google grants I think, is wonderful for helping folks.   Check em out.