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Urgent help needed

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Urgent help needed Nathan Bye 2/28/12 3:21 AM

Dear Google Grant Team,

Our charity has changed our name and our URL but are using the same wesbite with some additional changes made. We have tried to contact Google Grant UK and Ireland through email and also through the form that you use to add an additional URL. Both times we have been returned an email saying

Thanks for your email.

Thank you for your email. Due to resource constraints, the Google Grants
team offers limited email support.

You advise to come on here to resolve our issue. We have posted in this help forum before on this subject and had no reply. We assumed that the online form to would be enough to change our URL accross on our google grant account.

We rely heavily on the account to recruit volunteers and have been delighted with the Google Grant scheme. Could someone please advise us on how we can change the URL. Or can we just start using the new URL in our account?

Kind Regards


Re: Urgent help needed Robert Coats 2/28/12 8:57 AM
Hi Nathan,
Please see the following help article:

Can I promote additional websites in my Google Grants AdWords account?


All the best,