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Having Ads on site

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Having Ads on site JohnLug 1/23/12 11:38 AM
I was told that we can have paid ads on our site, but I asked several times in the past and never received an answer of what we could do.

We have a few advertisers that have asked if they could advertise with us, but we don't want to jeopardize our Grant in any way.

Is there somewhere that explains what we can do to make some money?

Re: Having Ads on site Robert Coats 1/23/12 12:51 PM
Hi JohnLug,
Yes, you can have ads on your site but you cannot have AdSense ads on your site.

Here is the specific help article addressing the situation:

All the best,
Re: Having Ads on site JohnLug 1/28/12 6:40 AM
OK, Thanks for the info.

Maybe dumb question, but are other ad rotation services similar to AdSense allowed to by on the site? As long as they are not plastered all over the place.
Maybe a couple ads per page
Re: Having Ads on site Robert Coats 1/28/12 9:16 PM
With all due respect, did you read the link I provided? It answers your question pretty clearly.

Re: Having Ads on site JohnLug 1/29/12 5:16 AM
My apologies, guess being overly cautious.
Didn't mean to offend.

Appreciate your help