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Can't enroll in Google Grants

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Can't enroll in Google Grants Eon 3/24/12 4:41 PM
I created an AdWord account for our non-profit as instructed on the website.
When I entered the 10 digit account number and hit enrolled I got the notice
"Access denied: you do not have access to this organization." I used an
organization email account for the whole process and the organization is
registered with Google for Nonprofits. How can this be fixed?

Re: Can't enroll in Google Grants Robert Coats 3/26/12 1:46 PM
99.9% of the time when this happens it is because you are logged into a different Google account than the one used for the G4NP sign up. This is easy to do and VERY common occurance.

I recommend signing out of Google, then signing in again under the approved G4NP account.

All the best,
Re: Can't enroll in Google Grants mkpinformation 5/22/12 3:19 PM
When I try to login to g4np using the email address that the original acceptance and congratulations email was sent to ... it is not found in the google system. When I use the 2 other gmail accounts associated with the organization, I get the Access Denied Error ... Is there some other way to track this?

Thank you.

Re: Can't enroll in Google Grants Robert Coats 5/31/12 10:52 AM
HI mkpinformation,
Since your question is concerning logging into G4NP, I am going to refer you over to the G4NP help forum where they might best help you. Here is that link to that forum:!forum/googlefornonprofits-discuss

All the best,