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Grant approved on older account

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Grant approved on older account AustinA 2/28/12 2:53 PM
My organization applied and was accepted for a Google Grants using an established account that once had been used for a trial run (with credit card info entered). Again we've been accepted, but the old payment information remains on the account. I'm worried about pushing a campaign live and being charged when it should be going to the grant monies. Is there a way to remove that payment information?  Thank you in advance.
Re: Grant approved on older account Robert Coats 2/28/12 3:09 PM
Hi AustinA,
If payment information is added to an AdWords account, it is no longer able to be a grants account. Any clicks will be charged and billed to the credit card on file.

You will need to set up a new AdWords account following the Grants Account Creation Guide and submit the new account for review and approval by the Grants team for it to become a grant account. 

All the best,