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Offering Admission to Commercial Event

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Offering Admission to Commercial Event TI Museum Assn. 3/16/12 8:26 AM
Our 501(c)(3) has a booth at a monthly flea market.  Admission to the market is $3 but we can give out free admission coupons.

Can we run an ad asking people to visit us at this flea market and offering free admissions?

More generally, is there a way to get pre-approval of an ad without submitting it and risking termination of our grant?  Google Grants policy is "... violation of any of our policies will lead to your grant's termination. This includes but is not limited to commercial ads ..."

Re: Offering Admission to Commercial Event Robert Coats 3/16/12 9:05 AM
Well, a lot will really depend on HOW you do it.

It is not uncommon for organizations to promote that they will be at a certain event. Just keep in mind that the grant is for your organization and is for you to run mission based ads. So, as long as the ad leads to a page on your website and it is promoting your organizations involvement at the event and not the event itself, you will be fine.

Here are two examples:

NON Mission-based 

XYZ Flea Market
Free ticket to the XYZ flea market.
Enjoy the XYZ flea market on us.

Mission Based Ad
XYZ Flea Market
Visit our booth at XYZ flea market.
All proceeds benefit TI Museum.

Two similar ads but one is promoting a commercial event and the other is promoting the benefit that the org gets from having a booth at the commercial event.

So when writing your ads and also the content for the landing page, just keep in mind that the focus must be on your orgs participation and the benefit that your org gets from that participation, not the event itself.

All the best,
Robert Coats
Re: Offering Admission to Commercial Event TI Museum Assn. 3/16/12 10:26 AM
Thanks.  I will do my best to stay within the guidelines.  I would still like to offer free admission though to build traffic (and capture the recipients' email addresses, though that benefit to us is not clear from the ad).

I think this promotes our involvement, not the event:

Visit our booth at TI Flea.
Learn the island's history.  For
free admission ($3 valule) go to

How worried should I be that if Google disagrees, our account will be terminated? 

If the ad is just disapproved that would be reasonable and helpful, but I don't want to risk our account.
Re: Offering Admission to Commercial Event Robert Coats 3/19/12 5:14 PM
As long as you are not trying to "game" the system (which you are clearly not) you really do not have anything to be worried about. Google wants you to have this grant and Google wants you to use this grant to its fullest. 

As for ad disapprovals, those actually come from the AdWords team, not the Grants team. 

The ad you have posted certainly looks fine and would fall within mission-based guidelines, especially for a museum such as yours. The only issue I see is that the headline is over 25 characters, but content-wise it is fine.

All the best,