Google Hangout Karaoke (video included of my own session)

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Google Hangout Karaoke (video included of my own session) haitu 5/3/12 9:53 AM

My friends and I wanted to sing Karaoke so we used Google Hangout as our venue.  If anybody is interested in our semi-successful attempt to Karaoke, here it is YOUTUBE. We sing Take On Me, Summer Nights, and Promiscuous Girl.

Of course Hangout isn't really built for karaoke, but it's pretty good.  I'm aware of a Hangout app/hack that somebody made a few years ago called Google Idol, but apparently the site has turned into some sort of sex diary site.  Perhaps this video can give Google some ideas.

Some things that could make our karaoke experience better:

  • Push to talk being a radio button instead of push to talk.
  • Youtube app doesn't sync well enough for everybody.  This one is major because my friends may be a half second of and sometimes even a whole second which throws off the whole experience.
  • When the Youtube app is playing, I wish I could put the director's view on so I can see everybody's webcam blown up.

Re: Google Hangout Karaoke (video included of my own session) Moritz T 5/3/12 12:24 PM
Hello haitu,

I am sure you can build a karaoke app with the Hangout API (maybe not you, but someone).
The problem here is the lag (time packets need from you to your partner) is not small enough to be perfectly in sync.
The best way to solve that is that the video and audio for the playback and voice is coming from the same computer.
That means that the actual singer has to run the video when he/she is singing.

Using YouTube is not the perfect solution in that situation.

I did some karaoke as well and I ran everything locally on my end and was sharing the video via manycam/webcammax

Anyway it's a great idea and maybe there are some app developers who can create something to increase the experience for karaoke.


Re: Google Hangout Karaoke (video included of my own session) TheKingThing 7/16/12 5:16 AM
I tried doing this using the karaoke program KaraFun and some software called Virtual Cables to route my audio from my system into a "virtual microphone" which I then select as my "Microphone" in the settings.
This works pretty well when I sing myself but when someone else sings there is indeed a second or 2 of delay. We still had much fun though.

I really really really hope that someone will write an app for this. It can be so much fun in hangouts...

Everybody loves to sing!
Re: Google Hangout Karaoke (video included of my own session) Dori, Google Community Manager 7/16/12 11:34 AM
Hi haitu,

Thanks for sharing this with us!

What a cool idea. Hopefully you can partner with some app developers are Moritz indicated and create something to make it easier for others to participate in Hangout karaoke!