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Problem with blocking.

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Problem with blocking. Sapphira 6/16/12 8:21 PM

           I have a problem. I am new here and so followed instructions as per gien by the google website on 'blocking' people.

           It states to make sure you blocked the person by going onto their page, an clicking on block them, and go back to your page and click n settings etc, and they should sho upin your list of blocked people.

          Now I did all that and was notified this person in particular was blocked, but when I went to chec my settings they were not at all in my blocked list. I am rather scared. If it continues not to work I may just leave here. :/

         Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you for your time and patience.
Re: Problem with blocking. Papa Bear 6/17/12 6:26 AM
Have you read all of the help pages on this subject at

Plus, click on Circles at and click again on those apply to your issue.
Re: Problem with blocking. Papa Bear 6/17/12 6:31 AM
Click on Stream too in Known Issues since there are Blocking issues explained there too!
Re: Problem with blocking. ejbisme 6/19/12 8:09 PM
Accidentally blocked someone on Gmail chat, she is blocked on Google+ and I CANNOT find anywhere a place to unblock. 

Re: Problem with blocking. Ashlyn Hardin 2/16/13 6:10 AM
people's pain