Hangout on Air as a Webinar?

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Hangout on Air as a Webinar? obrien.conor 5/15/12 8:44 AM
I'm looking to host a Webinar, and we're expecting more than 20 participants. In utilizing Hangout on Air, we would only be able to have 9 people (in addition to the host) be able to actively participate with voice/video and anyone else would only be able to watch.

- If others are watching, is there a simple way users can contribute to the discussion and ask questions?

It's my understanding they could post comments via the Google+ stream and YouTube live, requiring the host (or someone) to monitor those comments outside of the Hangout. We could also utilize a hashtag for Twitter users to contribute questions live, but again, that requires monitoring something outside of the Hangout.

Does anyone know if a feature like a live chatroom for viewers would be in the works for a hangout?

Has anyone had any success running something like this? I'd love to hear some tips or suggestions to make it as seamless as possible...
Re: Hangout on Air as a Webinar? + Gaurav Power Poster 5/15/12 8:53 AM

please take a Look