this is a poem i wrote <3

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this is a poem i wrote <3 emskie 1/26/12 7:19 PM
My name is emma,
i am 13,
and my daddy hurt me.
when i was 10,
i saw my daddy,
i thought he loved me,
 but that was them.
My brother and i,
 went to visit,
we saw we wernt the only kids,
as i try not to cry.
two others were there,
mykayla and Emerson,
i find it not fair.
i was suppose to be,
 daddys little girl,
but now its a whirl.
its time for bed,
we go down stairs,
its my turn to not feel dead.
my brother and i,
 fought over him,
as of course he picked me,
probably cause im a flee.
my mom says hes sick,
but i think hes a dick.
i touched him, 
his hand guiding mine,
he touched me,
not letting me free.
i was little,
i thought it was normal,
he acted like it was foral.
he touhed me,
and squeezed me,
and now people tease me.
i told my friend,
on the school bus,
she said it was time,
 for all this to end.
4 months later,
i told my mom,
she was shocked,
and scared,
as if it unlocked her fear.
im 13 now,
i have some friends,
they say im an inspiration,
and once this all ends,
maybe someday,
ill be able to say,
this all happend for a reason !! <3
please tell me what you think (: 
Re: this is a poem i wrote <3 Bethanie 2/14/12 6:50 AM
Re: this is a poem i wrote <3 Brian 8/17/12 6:29 AM
Hi emskie, if you ever feel unsafe or in danger, you should know that there are people you can talk to, people who can help you, like your school teachers or counselors, your local place of worship if you're religious, or even your local police.