Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+?

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Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? shamp00 12/13/11 8:52 AM
As soon as I add an email to a circle, Google seems to send an email automatically asking that person to join Google Plus.  Is there any way of turning this off?

I don't want Google to send any email on my behalf without my permission, especially if that contact is NOT a Google+ member yet.  This happens both from the 'Find people' page as well as from via the new option in GMail when I am viewing the sender information of an email.

I would like to add all my contacts to Google+ circles.  The reasons are:
- The new GMail labels based on Circles seem like a great way of filing and sorting my work/friends emails.
- Google+ keeps suggesting contacts based on my Contacts.

However, just because they are in my address book does NOT mean I want them to receive emails from me.  Some of my contacts are old business clients, or people I only vaguely remember.  Ideally it would be something that could be configured per circle - e.g., Automatically send invites when adding an email to circle which is not yet on Google+?  At least I would expect some sort of warning, e.g., 'George is not yet signed up with Google+.  Adding him to a circle will send an automatic email to him asking him to join.  Are you sure?'

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Natalie - Google Community Manager 1/1/12 1:58 PM
Hey shamp00,

Thanks for your feedback. Right now the emails that go out alert people of your activity on Google+, and more importantly the sharing of content with them. We send them an email when they aren't yet on Google+ so they know that you are out there in the world G+ excited to share with them. They should only incur this email once.


Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? pjentw 1/5/12 7:27 AM
I agree with shamp00 - why was I not warned that this was going to occur - as I would have never allocated anyone in to a circle if I knew.

Why on earth do you presume to know who I want to invite?  Just because I wish to arrange my contacts into groups does not mean I want all my contacts knowing that I'm on Google+ and get sent an email inviting them to a service I'm not sure I even want to use.

Now I'm off to write an apology email to all those spammed by Google+!


Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? rronkonharj 1/6/12 2:56 AM
I now that hows feeling it is not funny when google+ sending messege to people from my mail adress .
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Cytoloopy 1/9/12 6:03 PM
Automatic invites is one of many primary reasons I left Facebook many years ago. I've been so happy that Google is now offering competition, and until the last 2 or 3 nights, I had no issues with people being sent invites, without my knowledge.

Now, as I did with Facebook, I'm having to respond to many emails, some just befuddled, many angry, asking why they got some Google spam from me.

I would like to be able to do my invites myself, thank you very much.

This is not to say that the feature should be totally removed, I'm sure there are those that appreciate the automation, and I can even see it being valuable in certain cases for myself.

However the fact that there is no way to opt out, or adjust the level of invites, is unacceptable. I would also like to say that it is not a feature that should be on by default, unless it is expressly presented to the user that dropping someone into a circle is also going to send them an email invite from Google.

Just playing with circles for the first time now means I've spammed 92 people and get to relive the great make-amends-for-Facebook-invites month I had to endure.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Natalie - Google Community Manager 1/10/12 1:16 PM
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've shared this thread with the Notifications team so they can hear your feedback directly.


Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? katie2012 1/25/12 11:09 AM
I just had my boss tell me about a Google+ invite he received from "me." I did not enable/activate/join Google+ and this profile is NOT me. It has just enough real data, but it also has pornography in it (nothing that I would EVER post to any social networking function), which could get me fired from a lot of companies.
I had NOTHING to do with this and want it removed ASAP before more invites go out to legitimate connections to a damaging/false profile. I don't want my life disrupted by this.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? myFalc 2/22/12 8:16 AM
i would really like to sort my contacts using the circles feature, but those automated send invites are preventing this. I don't want to bother people i hardly know with an invitation invite to a social network site. Please give us some control over who we would like to invite and who not!

best regards,
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? no spam 3/25/12 2:06 PM
I am a new Google+ user and never agreed to have contacts receive email from me EVERY TIME I SHARE ANYTHING.
No on wants to get emails like that
I cannot find a place to change preferences and stop this happening.

I  was actually contacted by friends telling me they were getting emails like the following

Description: Image removed by sender.

****** shared Tim O'Reilly's post with you.


Description: Image removed by sender.

Tim O'Reilly

Good post by Jim Stogdill: My Paleo Media Diet: Turning off, opting out, and disconnecting to save my brain for the things I really want to use it for.

"I'm tired of having the attention span of a meth addict. I'm tired of reaching for my phone at every red light because the urge has been building inexorably since the last one. I'm irritated that my first impulse after any real world human experience is to tweet it. What the hell?"

Description: Image removed by sender.My Paleo Media Diet - O'Reilly Radar

Jim Stogdill is tired of running on the info treadmill, so he's changing his media habits. His new approach:

Description: Image removed by sender.

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Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? ミ★ღ ραυℓ ღ★彡 3/25/12 2:36 PM
@no spam,

If you don't have a Google+ account, use "Unsubscribe" link from bottom of the email.

Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Chris_HD 5/7/12 6:05 AM
Hello Natalie,

is there any status update about switching off email notifications to other parties, please?

Use case as stated above by shamp00:
  • Circles are used by  as a kind of contacts organization
  • email notifications to other parties (invitation to google+) are not wished
Best regards,
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? igmrlm 6/20/12 6:23 AM
I just had the same issue, my boss walked up to me at work, "what is this google+ thing you emailed me"
I was confused for a moment, then saw that my gmail had sent him an invite.. 
How do I block this, so that the only invites from my account are ones i send manually????? 
This is a big issue for me..
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? JPJ 6/27/12 3:37 PM

Also really concerned by this.  I now have a G+ account and would like to start using it, but really don't want to send spammy invitations to colleagues, bosses, etc.  I've already had to make a couple of professional apologies.  One of those was to a tech-illiterate collaborator who I'd tempted onto Gmail - but now, she's scared of the whole shebang, and won't touch it.

If you'll excuse me for saying so, Natalie, the reason why it's set up like this is plain: Google wants to get everyone on here, because that's what makes social networking work.  It shouldn't be doing so behind our backs, though - we clearly need control over who these emails get sent to.  As per the posts above, it'd also let Gmail contacts flow into G+ circles, which would be great.

Will we be given the option to turn off these notifications?



Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Jack 6/27/12 6:13 PM
I agree with you! I had to do a lot of apologizing after mass spamming my friends.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? No Auto Invitation 7/30/12 7:31 AM
I concur!
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Vince 8/1/12 3:52 PM
Apparently, I just spammed a bunch of people I haven't spoken to in years without even knowing it!  I'm embarrassed, to say the least.  Since it looks like Google hasn't bothered to address this, I'm unsubscribing from Google+ today.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? no spam goddammit 10/1/12 12:04 PM
yea i just spammed everyone too. Hate this. I don't want to be an instrument for Google advertising, especially without knowing it.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Carter 10/17/12 11:05 AM
This needs to be fixed if people are to trust Google+.  I can't use it, or at least the "Circles" feature, because I'm afraid I'm going to spam people just be reorganizing my Circles.  There needs to be a "DO NOT SEND EMAIL TO ANYONE, EVER!" checkbox somewhere.  For now, the only people I can put in my circles are the people who really like Google+ and don't mind the spam (only 1 person I know so far).  Most of the people I know were lost on first impression because of the spamming.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Chris Hughes 11/11/12 8:01 PM
I can't get it to stop sending emails to my circles.  As such I had to remove most people from my circles.

Then I decided this is just silly....So I won't be using this until its Fixed.  

Just found out today that I've been sending massive amounts of spam to people who I have not heard from in years.  My bad for organizing my contacts.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? V. K. 2/25/13 7:27 AM
I am new to Google + and I just had this happen to someone I did not even add to my circles but she showed up there anyway and just wrote me asking what is this thing I'm inviting her to... this is really not cool, Google.  I'm not sold on this service, and this is the kind of thing that could push me to the "I quit" side of the fence.
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Drew Johnson 3/22/13 1:08 PM
I want to add another vote in agreement with other posters-- I like the idea of using circles to sort my contacts, but I feel embarrassed to have Google send out invitations in my name without me knowing. At the very least, there needs to be a warning pop-up: "This action will send an invitation to ___. Do you wish to continue?"
Re: Prevent automatic email invitations to Google+? Kat Williams 4/14/13 12:41 AM
I see by this thread this issue arose almost ONE YEAR AGO! Has Google not resolved this yet? I'm still getting stuff like "Unknown Name" accepted your Google Plus invitation!?!?! And I don't even know who that is! I've scoured "Settings" and don't see an option to turn this off. Am I blind or is this really still the default?!?!
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