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Download the new Android App (1.08)!

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Download the new Android App (1.08)! Toby S. 10/11/11 1:39 PM
The latest app has a number of important changes, updates, and fixes:

Fixed a bug that prevented installation on some devices
Improved messenger notification reliability
Numerous crash fixes
Disable speakerphone when headset is plugged in for hangouts
New translations

Download the update and keep the feedback coming!
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Toby S. 10/11/11 3:17 PM
You can also check out this post about the update!
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! David F. 10/12/11 1:23 AM
Hello, problem still same here. Eternal, "flashing", "Signing in" ... loop...

Performed; uninstall, reboot, install.

ZTE Blade, GSF b27.

A bummer - another reason I'm not getting started with G+ .. :/
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Peteut 10/12/11 11:12 AM
I did try the latest release and I still encountered the same issue login loop.  I did load the leaked copy of 2.0 from the recent lifehacker article and that worked.  I'm not sure the difference in the code, but whatever that difference is makes the app usable on my device.
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Gnico559 10/12/11 5:41 PM
Thanks! I had been without the android app for 2 weeks. It was driving me bananas! I couldn't check google+ until i got home from work. That was 8 hours of hell everyday. I even called the android market represenative, he kept telling me something different which didn't add up as i was using the 1.6 update of google+ previously with no problem on my phone. So now, I'm back in business. Thanks for pushing this much needed update out. It is very much appreciated! Its nice to know that this is a social network that we can use where they actually listen to its users. I can't really say that for the other guys.
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! jeff grey 10/18/11 11:55 AM
Same problem here too. Google nexus s running 2.3.6. Uninstalled, installed, new email, uninstall instal. Seriously peeved. Why didn't I go for an iphone? Any fix for this yet? 
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! herr_schaft 10/18/11 2:10 PM
I would love to download the update. Yet, I keep getting error messages "invalid package file" when I try installing.
Additionally, the previous version of the app seems to have disappeared (shortcut says app no longer there; plus and huddle not in app drawer any more). Judging by the looks of memory used, it's still clogging up space, though. And while I can't find or install it on my phone, the Android Market Website says: App is installed. 
Any suggestions?

Running Android 2.1 on an HTC Hero.
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Torsten Bjerke 10/21/11 4:06 AM
Hi. I'm using a HTC Wildfire in Sweden. Three times I've downloaded G+, installed the app, started the app and received the no connection error.
I know that this has been discussed for a while now but are you any closer to a solution?
A second question is of course the size of the app - Why do it have to be so huge? The ROM is used to nearly 100% during installation. And the move to SD just move a small portion of the app.
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! David F. 10/21/11 5:34 AM
Hi, since I change ROM from "Ginger stir fry" to CynogenMod 7.1 Google+ works great.
Device: ZTE Blade
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Ihab 10/26/11 9:15 AM
I'm on a Nexus Onerunning Android 2.3.6 and have no luck running the app. I had a successful download, and get as far as selecting account. Once I pick my account it goes to 'the Enable Instant Upload' page and no matter what choice I pick  I get 'The Application Google + (procss stopped unexpectedly... every time...
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! caleb miles 11/6/11 1:01 AM
Am I supposed to be able to use my bluetooth headset because even when paired and connected to both phone and media audio I still only hear sound over my (broken) phone speaker. Running on Evo 4G. 
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Toby S. 11/7/11 7:24 PM
Hi Caleb,

Is this for when you are using Hangouts or the Google+ App? If this is a general bluetooth compatibility issue, I suggest checking out the mobile forum: 

Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! caleb miles 11/7/11 8:33 PM
Hi Toby,

I only have the problem with my headset when using hangouts through the Google+ app, my phone plays all other sounds through my headset. 
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! MyIzon 11/16/11 7:46 PM
New to hangouts,  awesome! Thanks Google.. Audio in hangout works on phone speaker only, does not work thro any bluetooth connected speaker for me too.  running android 2.3.4. Any help appreciated.
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! linagee 6/25/12 1:19 AM

I'm having this problem too. Is there even a way to select to use a bluetooth device in the Google+ Android app? Mine works fine for my phone application. I'm able to talk and they're able to hear me. Google+ Android app does nothing with my bluetooth device. This is on Android ICS. Google+ app is Build version (Should be the latest as of this post.) I see nothing in the Settings that says bluetooth. (Even in the Hangout submenu.)
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! bnrt 6/30/12 1:16 AM
Have exactly the same problem. Went through all the possibilities. Update failed and when I uninstalled the  app completely i get   "invalid package file" error message. im running 2.3.5 Sencec 3.0 on HTC Desire HD on Vodafone UK.
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! mbze430 7/2/12 11:56 PM
Just tried hangout on my Galaxy S3 (AT&T) with Bluetooth, and it only plays through the speaker of the phone.  please fix!
Re: Download the new Android App (1.08)! Jennie S 7/16/12 3:45 PM
Thanks for the feedback.

@bnrt - Please see this thread for the latest updates about this issue. 
@linagee & mbze430 - Please see this thread for additional information.  I'll be sure to pass these requests along to the team.