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Orkut-style communities on Google+

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Orkut-style communities on Google+ mudrast 7/26/12 10:51 AM
Some years ago, Facebook groups and Orkut communities were like a social interpretation of forums.
Facebook groups faded away, even if the userbase used them a lot.
Orkut communities are even more powerful than the FB Old groups, but Orkut is nowhere near Google+ in terms of features and userbase.
The concept of boards/forums is not declining, as Reddit-like websites show.
My idea is:
Dear Google, why don't you implement this kind of communities/boards/"sub-reddits" on Google+?
Even better, merge Orkut with Google+, and port the Orkut communities to Google+!

Personally I would like the idea of creating communities on Google+ like on Orkut and on Reddit.

What do you think?