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how do i set up a business account

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how do i set up a business account lupe 8/9/12 12:46 PM
ok when i tried to make a page for my business it wont let me use my business name i had to use my own. but i always see things about businesses all over the place. i even clicked something that said sign up your business.
did i do something wrong?
if any one could help that would be great
thank you
Re: how do i set up a business account Kaleh 8/9/12 4:02 PM
In order to represent your business on Google+, you do need to first create a Google+ Profile in the name of an individual.  Then, while logged into that account, you will go to the "Pages" section of your Google+ account and select "Create new page."  There, you will be able to create a Google+ Page in the name of your business.

To manage your Google+ Page, you will need to be logged into your Google+ Profile and go to the "Pages" section where you can select your Google+ Page.  You will then be able to create posts and add users who have circled your business Google+ Page, to your own circles.