Estranged mother and daughter relationship.

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Estranged mother and daughter relationship. MaeDay 5/28/12 3:05 PM
Before I discuss my personal problem, I must know if this is the correct place to ask for advice, and ask for feedback on how to handle a problem that has affected my life greatly. If I am not in the right place for this type of discussion, please direct me to a better place. 

I will appreciate your help in this matter.  This problem has been building to the point of becoming very depressed.  I don't know where to start, so I'm hoping I found the site that is designed for this kind of discussion.

Also, I need further discussions to be kept private. 

Thank you  
Re: Estranged mother and daughter relationship. Myndzi 6/9/12 3:50 AM
it doesnt seem like the right place for issues such as this. i know i put some issues in my profile at one point about Asperger Syndrome and the school destroying my childs self-esteem due to lack of knowledge. Mainly asking for anyones advice on how to help her get out of her depression but it doesn't seem as though this is the right place to get feed back on personal issues. I have been looking  for a forum myself. If you find one let me know. Sorry. 
Re: Estranged mother and daughter relationship. Kaleh 6/9/12 5:26 AM
The Google+ Discuss forum is a place where users can discuss issues related to Google (and Google+ specifically).  It is not a support forum for personal issues.  

I would strongly encourage you to continue seeking forums that are specifically geared for addressing personal problems.  Since you mention that you have become depressed, perhaps that would be a good place to start.  Support forums for addressing depression, are quite likely filled with people (and references to other resources) that may be helpful.

If you have joined Google+, there is a group of people on Google+ who make an effort to support people who are troubled by a number of issues.  It might be worth considering reaching out through +Community Support.  They may have good suggestions for an internet based support group.