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Hangout Requirements war17 6/23/12 11:33 AM
The hangout system requirement page shows Process Minimum Requirement is 2 GHz.

The present generation Samsung and Acer Chromebooks have processor that are 1.66 GHz. New generation Chromebook has 13 dual core Celeron processor. 

Therefore, Chromebooks cannot use hangout?
Re: Hangout Requirements Moritz T 6/23/12 5:51 PM
Hey war17,

you should be able to use hangouts with Chromebooks just fine. I already saw a lot of users joining hangouts with their Chromebooks.

Google just recommends the requirements for the best experience.


Re: Hangout Requirements war17 6/23/12 7:12 PM

This is Warren Lee, a TC from Chromebook Central help forum.  One user already said he is not going to buy a new Chromebook because it does not meet the spec.  I told him it works.The spec reads as a requirement, not as recommendation. If user can use a Chromebook for hangout, then Google needs to modify the spec, or Google will continue to lose buyers.

Re: Hangout Requirements Moritz T 6/24/12 1:44 AM
Valid point Warren and I agree. They should change it from required to recommended.
I will pass this to the guides
Re: Hangout Requirements Darius K 12/11/12 12:50 PM
Just bought Samsung Chromebook - Hangout works but is not fully functional (for example Google Effects does not work).

My daughter is asking me why she cannot do things that her friends can do on Microsoft Windows computers, what I can say?

I am so disappointed (Chromebook and Hangouts are both Google products for God's sake) shame on you Google : (((