Can't Stream From HD PVR?

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Can't Stream From HD PVR? TheProForgeLeague 7/20/12 10:35 AM
How come every time I select a cetain device to record from, it goes right back to the default one? I want to record from my HD PVR, but it just goes to my webcam. 
Re: Can't Stream From HD PVR? Dori, Google Community Manager 7/25/12 3:22 PM
Hey there,

For more advanced configurations including HD, Hangouts does not have support or built-in workarounds for this that I'm aware of. I did, however, come across this blog post from another user, who seems to have been able to set up an HD webcam to use with Hangouts.

Re: Can't Stream From HD PVR? crowinblack2008 8/17/12 9:25 PM
I as well am having the same problem as you. I can't find out any info about this problem as well. If you get any good info to fix this problem please pass it along to me will you.
Re: Can't Stream From HD PVR? ThatGuy 11/5/12 2:09 PM
I have the same problem. Want to us my HD PVR and it wont let me select it. I was all excited when I saw it but then google disappoints me again.