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Where are my comments?

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Where are my comments? jackdavinci 5/8/12 1:17 PM
On the page that lists all the posts I've made, it doesn't show comments I've made on other people's posts. I'm wondering how to find all the comments I've ever made other than scrolling forever down all of my friend's pages until I spot them.
Re: Where are my comments? krenek 7/6/12 2:19 AM
i would like to know this as well : how can i find the comments i wrote on other posters' messages?

thanks in advance - - -

Re: Where are my comments? Kaleh 7/6/12 3:32 AM
There is not currently a method provided by Google to find only your comments.  You might keep an eye on the "filters" provided in the drop-down menu next to the search terms to see if they sneak that one in on us.  I haven't found the existing filters particularly helpful when searching for comments by a particular individual.

When I want to find the comments made by others I do a Google+ search for their G+ name, then use my browser "find" feature to find where their name is mentioned.  This is definitely inefficient and clunky, but I sometimes find exactly what I was looking for..  

I rarely search any further than the most recent posts.  If I'm looking for a particular comment, I add additional keywords (sometimes the name of the person or something I know was mentioned in the topic.)

I still have to scroll to expand the comment section of individual posts where the comments have been collapsed. I also find comments where the individual was mentioned, as well as references to others with the same name.

I suspect that someone has created a third party way to collect comments made by an individual.  I would encourage you to search Google and Google+ for references to such a tool.  If you haven't already done so, you should consider making a public post on G+ inquiring about the issue.  The conversations that develop there will sometimes lead to good solutions.
Re: Where are my comments? krenek 7/7/12 11:37 PM
- thanks for your comments + help, Kaleh
- i use the trick "adding" a keyword" in a message ...but it does not help at all when you don't remember the keyword, when you're looking for it!
- searching for such comments should be included in the future

- another fail of G+

- the worst fail is, still, the word/image editor