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PERSONAL INFORMATION BREECH!!! jcfkab25 4/10/12 7:56 PM
My main concern is that, knowing I have a unique name, why is it that when I decide to look myself up to see what will come up, I find information about where I live, my WHOLE name, and info. about where I live now!!?? That's not anything I want floating around on Google, let alone some site I never heard of....please someone tell me how to get my personal information off of google without losing my gmail and minimize the ability to find me?? I feel it is a violation of privacy and it leaves me vulnerable to scam artist and crazies...just sayin...Thank You!
Re: PERSONAL INFORMATION BREECH!!! jcfkab25 4/10/12 7:58 PM
I mean BREACHED..Lol
Re: PERSONAL INFORMATION BREECH!!! wasaweb 4/11/12 3:02 AM
Are those pieces of private information mentioned in your Google+ profile publicly, hence appearing on search results, or is it from another site?

If your Google+ is the source, then you can change the settings for your address etc to certain circles or just you. Read more about it at (and You can also make your profile search engine invisible:

If another site is the source, then please have a look at