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Why are Google+ verification requirements so stringent?

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Why are Google+ verification requirements so stringent? N.M. 6/20/12 5:49 PM
I've been trying several times over the last several months to verify my company's Google+ business pages, with no success. Even though the "1000" fan requirement seems to have been removed, it still seems very difficult to get verified.

My company spends close to a million dollars a year on Google advertising in Asia alone, and we simply want to be able to link up our brand pages to our adwords campaigns. Being able to "verify" that we are who we say we are shouldn't be that difficult.

The problem is that without linking our adwords account to our Google+ pages, it will be very difficult to ever promote our page into a useful tool the way our facebook page is, because there are no other paid promotion tools, and the overall Google+ user base is still very small. That is why you are seeing even major global companies struggle to get +1s on Google Plus. Coca Cola has a mere 2,000 fans, and Pepsi has only 4,000. On Facebook & Twitter, they literally have millions of fans.

If Google wants Google+ to truly be competitive with Facebook and Twitter, they should be doing more to encourage people and businesses to embrace Google+. As it is, I don't see many companies who are going to invest serious resources, (and in fact, there is no way for the fast majority of companies to do so).
Re: Why are Google+ verification requirements so stringent? Toby S. 6/25/12 4:46 PM
Hello N.M.,

For account-specific questions like this, please call your AdWords representative. They'll be able to help you attain verification and troubleshoot any of these issues.