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Export guest list in events?

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Export guest list in events? taxlady 7/5/12 10:19 AM
Is there a way to export the guest list for a Google+ event that I created?

I can see who is going and who might go, etc., but I can't see all the names at once. It's on a pull down menu. I could take a number of screen shots, but that is not optimal.

Is there a way to see the names or email addresses of people I invited, that are just listed as a person not using Google+ ?
Re: Export guest list in events? poshaughnessy 7/6/12 1:21 AM
I have the same issue as your last point. 

I have invited about 25 people to an event. Most are using Google+, but about 9 people are not. Now all Google+ is telling me is that "1 person not using Google+" is coming. The other "8 people not using Google+" have yet to reply. But it won't tell me who! There doesn't seem to be any way to see their email addresses (that I explicitly invited). 

Seriously, is there no way I can actually find out who is coming and who isn't? Because if not, this is the most useless Events system ever devised and I'd be far better off going back to just actually emailing them!

Re: Export guest list in events? David Cox 7/7/12 5:56 AM
I have had the same issue.  I created a rather small event, and only one person was a non-Gmail/G+user and all it would tell is that a no-name person was sent an invite.  What I discovered is the recipient is prompted to enter their name when they accept or decline the invite.  I only found this out when I was doing a test event with a friend that doesn't use Gmail or G+.  She said she was asked to enter her full name and wondered why that was necessary.  I told her I was not sure but then I realized why.  

Personally, I think that Gmail needs to be more integrated into G+ and allow for the name of the person to populate as it appears in my contact list.  
Re: Export guest list in events? Vax 7/24/12 3:53 PM
This.  Was so excited about this awesome event system, but well over half the people I invite aren't yet using G+ and I have no way to tell who has confirmed or not from that group.