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Can you export photos you have uploaded to Google+?

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Can you export photos you have uploaded to Google+? RKTG 4/29/12 9:27 PM
 I have recently uploaded new pics and made edits.... and I would now like to export them to get them printed. Is this possible?
Re: Can you export photos you have uploaded to Google+? + Gaurav Power Poster 4/30/12 1:23 AM

In lightbox view you can download that photo to your computer.  After downloading you can print locally.

Navigate to the photo.  At the bottom left of the page click on Options and select Download Full Size.

Reference: How to download

please feel free to order prints from the Picasa Web Albums where you'll find all the Google+ photos.

1. Find the album or photo that you'd like to print, e.g.
2. Click the Prints drop-down menu and select Order prints. This will add all photos on the page to your order.
3. Finalize your selection of photos. All photos on this page will be included in your order. Click the Remove link to get rid of unwanted photos.
4. Select from available print partners on the left side of the page. Clicking on a print partner will take you away from Picasa Web Albums and direct you to the print provider's website where you can complete your order.

Please note that you'll only be able to order prints of a friend's photos if they permit it. Picasa Web Albums gives all users the ability to control whether visitors can order prints.