"start Broadcast" not working on hangout on air

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"start Broadcast" not working on hangout on air Candice CMNZ 5/30/12 11:17 PM
Hi there,

I am having some trouble actually broadcasting my hangout on air. I get all the way through to inviting, naming and ticking 'enable on air'. (My google+ is linked to me youtube page too).

I can pick up the youtube embed code and link just fine. As soon as I then click "start broadcast" it doesn't work, I don't get shown the 'start broadcast screen'. I also tried this with participants, and it didn't work for them either.

The hangout continues, as in I can continue to see, hear and speak through the hangout - but all of the features around the screen fade out and the "on air" never shows.

If I go to the link where I should see the live broadcast it says that the video will be live in a minute but this never happens. Below is a screen shot of what the screen looks like after I click on "start broadcast". The only way I can get out of the hangout then is to completely close the window.

How do I fix this problem?

Re: "start Broadcast" not working on hangout on air + Gaurav Power Poster 5/31/12 9:03 AM

did you try with some other browsers,try after clearing your browser cookies and caches,report back if problem still persist