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iGoogle Gadget anon34232 7/6/11 5:24 AM
Someone needs to develop an iGoogle gadget for Google+, preferably one that allows both the stream and huddles.
Re: iGoogle Gadget Darren Mayoff 7/10/11 5:38 AM
I agree - I have one for Twitter (and used to for FB) - you'd think that they would've been  right on top of this one...will it take a third party developer to get this out?
Re: iGoogle Gadget Pandu Gilas Anarkhi 7/17/11 10:24 PM
Yeah, I agree to this idea too. It's gonna be cool if iGoogle have G+ gadget, so we have another alternative to check our G+ stream and notifications. :D
Re: iGoogle Gadget igoogler 8/2/11 6:00 AM
It's possible that Google wants people to use Google+ as their home page and not make it seem less than iGoogle.  But the reality of the situation is that 1) people use iGoogle because they want an aggregation of separate pages and 2) FB and Twitter have multiple gadgets each.  I'm asonished that an iGoogle gadget wasn't part of the Google+ launch.  This is a major oversight.  
Re: iGoogle Gadget mutantstar 10/16/11 7:33 AM
Agreed, I would use Google+ more frequently if it had a iGoogle gadget, mainly interested in the stream.
Re: iGoogle Gadget anthrprettyface 1/8/12 6:02 PM
Seconded... thirded... AGREED!
Re: iGoogle Gadget Natalie - Google Community Manager 1/10/12 1:08 PM
Thanks for the feedback - perhaps someone will develop it!


Re: iGoogle Gadget RP 2/1/12 12:05 PM
Another in agreement.
Re: iGoogle Gadget Sigred 2/4/12 10:13 AM
Would like to see an iGoogle gadget for Google+ as well!

Re: iGoogle Gadget Timothy 6/28/12 4:11 PM
YES! Please!