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Managing +1's

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Managing +1's AJ+ 4/11/12 11:29 AM
Hi ,

I was browsing through lot of online content these days.I wanted to +1 and share the content I like. It is surprising that most of the websites lack the +1 option or follow through G+. However I finally found the +1 extension from chrome web store. 

Is there any way to manage  this +1 content . All I could find is to remove any of the +1's or to make them visible to the social connections.(from my +1's tab)
Is there any way to manage and personalize this content ? Like adding tags,categories or notes to these +1's for our future reference . More like bookmarking the content and sorting them accordingly.

Re: Managing +1's wasaweb 4/11/12 11:34 AM
I think those are very good ideas: the ability to sort and categorize +1s has been mentioned a number of times in this forum. There is a mechanism to send feedback: click on the cogwheel that appears on top-right of your Google+ profile and choose submit feedback.
Re: Managing +1's MightyDelight 4/12/12 10:48 AM  Just like i said.
I sent feedback but don't know we waiting or they decided that will be wrong because of "+1's" ideology.

Will be great even if Google add some not customizable tags. And some kind of search. Or make page with "+1's" as stream. All "+1's" on one page without button 'load more'. For search via ctrl+F.

But i still dreaming about privacy settings. I don't want share my some kind of 'bookmarks' with everybody. It's ok be one of +1 but without reccomends with my name on it for people which i don't know or don't want to share with them.

"+1's" Limited - visible only for Friends (circle).

ps: Something like social Google Bookmarks. Easy to use, able to share, control of privacy settings and organise. And will influence of your searches and ads via reccomend what you like.

*Google! And don't have tool for organise urls, videos, images, posts and etc. Any digital thing you can "+1's", save, organise and share. 
We have Google Bookmarks, Google Plus and Google Docs. Why it's so hard? Need Evernote by Google Inc.
Re: Managing +1's MightyDelight 4/12/12 10:53 AM
Don't forget Google Tasks and Scratchpad (chrome extension) for that too.

ps: I guess discussions need for mass 'Send feedback' only? So share that post for more feedback to Google Plus support.

*And Screen Capture (extension) too.
Re: Managing +1's Papa Bear 7/3/12 9:33 PM
Since you mention Evernote!category-topic/drive/5CoyOzYGHLo
Re: Managing +1's MightyDelight 7/4/12 6:26 AM
Improvement of +1's by adding tags and privacy settings.
'Family' circle will be able to see only my +1's with tag "study", 'Friends' only "funny" tag, "Following" won't be able to see my +1's at all and etc. And via tags we will be able to search faster and easier in '+1's tab' and use it as "Reading later" tool.
That tool can replace 'Like's and even 'Watch later' on Youtube. Or add 'Star' feature of posts and comments in Google+ via 'Google+' tag.
And with some extension to easy +1'ing objects at page with static URL in address bar this will be a great bookmarking tool with social features.
ps: If you agree please vote - and send feedback -