Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out"

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Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" chubroq006 3/22/12 9:19 PM
Is there a way to stop the Hangout from timing out? After a certain period, it will automatically close the chat window. Is there a setting to fix this? 
Re: Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" SHAN 3/22/12 10:18 PM

There is no limit for a hangout. It wont disconnect unless there is a problem with your internet connection or browser or webcam or on the receiver's side.

Learn more about Hangout here 

But,There's a 90 minute check-in to make sure you're still there. ( You've to just be active and tell the screen you're there)


Re: Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" p2b4f 4/18/12 6:45 PM
I want to use Hangout to check on my elderly mother at her apartment whenever she's sick. I just want her to leave her computer on in a private Hangout chat with me with the camera pointed toward her bed so I can see, and hear, when she needs help.

Two questions:

1. Is this a secure and private enough way to go about this? Meaning, the only person who could see the video feed is myself and her back to me?
2. Is there a way to override the timeout, maybe through a 3rd party tool of some kind that will produce "activity" (mouse movement, etc.) to keep resetting the timer? Would Google+ "see" that activity and keep resetting the timer?

Re: Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" Katherine G 4/19/12 4:45 PM
Hi +p2b4f,

1. This is secure in that so long as only your mother is invited to the Hangout, no one else would be able to see or join.
2. I've not heard of any third party apps available.  Have you considered using standard Voice/Video chat out of Gmail to do this?  They might not have a timeout.

Let us know!
Re: Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" Katherine G 4/23/12 12:18 PM
I just recently discovered this link, which looks like it auto-responds to the checl:

I can't confirm it's security or how it works, as it's a 3rd party script, but you may give it a try! 

Re: Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" haitu 5/3/12 9:43 AM

I agree.  That auto check to see if you are still there is really annoying.  Most people do not need that.  It is really annoying if I am trying to use it as my Skype alternative and playing video games.  I'll get booted out after a while because I stay "active" on the google hangout screen.  

Get rid of it or make it an option.
Re: Stop Google+ Hangout from "timing out" karen donovan 2/17/13 11:27 AM
Yes Google please get rid of the timing out feature!  It was better the way it use to be.  Very frustrating.