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Upgrading to the Education Edition & Team Edition Accounts

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Upgrading to the Education Edition & Team Edition Accounts Devin R. 3/23/12 11:54 AM
Hi Everyone, 

Some common questions we receive from schools trying to deploy Google Apps center around upgrading their domain to the Education Edition and transitioning from Team Edition to the Education Edition. Please see below for additional information:

To move from Standard Edition to the Education Edition:
  • You may be hitting a 10-user limit in your domain. If so, it means you're running the Standard Edition of Google Apps rather than the EDU Edition. 
  • To upgrade your domain, please fill out this form. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the upgrade to take place. 
To move from Team Edition to the Education Edition:
  • When trying to sign up for Google Apps, you may get a response saying that your domain has already been registered. If you know that you have never registered your domain in Google, it may be operating under "Team Edition."
  • Google Apps Team Edition can be used by anybody with an active email address at a domain and is designed to help students and co-workers collaborate using Google Apps. No one has taken control of the domain; rather, there are just end-users who are using their email address as a way to authenticate into Google Docs, Sites, etc. (similar to how they would use their email address to authenticate into their accounts) 
  • Since you own this domain and would like to administer Google Apps for your users, you'll first need to create an account under the Team Edition. You can do this by visiting (insert your domain name) and clicking 'create an account here.'
  • Once you've created a Team Edition account, you can verify domain ownership to begin managing Google Apps by following these instructions.
Please feel free to follow up with additional questions.