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google adsense please

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google adsense please bbgnsurf 3/30/12 1:38 PM
please i want to confirm if this site works with google adsense
google adsense please Ibadan Shops Online 3/31/12 2:09 AM
Very well men. Check one out at
Re: google adsense please Britsy - please "rate" replies 4/2/12 5:17 AM
I have had a look at your site. Nice and clean !

However, if you think about using Google Adsense and PPC (Pay per click) advertising, you will have to make sure that the key words are taken care of correctly in the advert as well as on the website. 

Also, at the moment the website appears to me to be a invitation to advertise (as the main thing and appears on the main page). So, I ask myself, what exposure am I gong to get because the advert is on a separate page that seems to be a secondary activity of the website business? _ What I think I am saying is that, if you look at advertising sites for SME then the actual business listings are Always on the front page and the "advertise with us" is sometimes so small it is hard to find - Why? you may ask.... well, if there are a million adverts already on this website, then advertisers (or those businesses that wish to list in such a website), will fall over their feet to get listed (AND... it is mostly a FREE listing that leads up to a paid listing by several persistent invitations afterwards.)

So, good luck and let me know how you are doing. 

Re: google adsense please Ibadan Shops Online 4/2/12 6:20 AM
hi britsy,
seems i am not getting a speedy response from the google team, so let me turn to you. Before now, i use my yahoo id to login to all my google pages, including adsense. i also used this to create 2 of my 3 business sitebuilder. But since i changed my login to gmail. each time i log into my admin panel, it tells my i do not have permission to access the page. can you say anything on this?
Re: google adsense please Britsy - please "rate" replies 4/2/12 7:36 AM
Hi there

I am going to explain what the problem is and how it is caused. However, if you think I am not understanding your experience correctly, please feel free to post a rely.

OK, here we go, 

When you signed up for the websites, you were asked to do one of the next two things: (1) sign in with an existing Username & Password or... (2) create a Gmail acc and use the Username and Password of that account. Now, on line applications are soooo clever that we can use stuff like our FaceBook Username & Passwords to create a sign up in another application ! wow, that is awesome.

There is ONE think you need to understand .....

When you gain access to an on-line site/application or program,( FOR THE FIRST TIME !) it 
(a)      stores your Username This can NEVER BE CHANGED and must remain the same no matter if it is an email address, a single word or whatever you wanted initially 
(b)      store your Password... This CAN be changed !!!!! 

In some cases where you want to get back into your program, you will find out that the USERNAME is grey out and you ONLY need to fill in the Password (see below)
This does not happen all the time so, don'y stress if it asks you for both ! --- (TRICK: double click on the box where you are required to insert your Username and it may give you a drop down with the fer Usernames that are used on your PC - the Password does NOT ever do this for obvious reasons of security. - at least, my Chrome browser does that )

OK, so what happened with you ? ---- I suspect that your website log in still remembers the old email address ( not that it thinks it is an email, in fact, it does not care and see it just as a bunch of characters really) --- OK but what about your password then ??? Well, the same applies and if you have NOT changed the Password, it will still remember the old one.

What to do ?    Well, you will to ALWAYS use the "old" Username (email address) and then use the old Password OR.. change the password to suit your needs. 

HOWEVER, you will NOT be able to log on with the new Gmail account for the above reasons

Hope this helps you a bit and pls let me know if you got back into your sites by using the "old" Username and Password.



Re: google adsense please Ibadan Shops Online 4/2/12 7:42 AM
thanks britsy,
 you know the problem is that, the password is the same. even when i try to login using the old username, it takes my in alright,and then dispays the new gmail username but then says i dont have permission to edit the page. it is so frustrating and the google guys are not responding favorably.
Re: google adsense please Ibadan Shops Online 4/2/12 7:44 AM
hey britsy,
 for reasons i dont understand, i tried the old login again and i now have access! the google guys must be toiling with stuff behind the scenes i presume.
Re: google adsense please Jans 4/2/12 8:16 AM
Even i had the same problem, Google guys helped me out and trust me they are pretty fast at solving such issues. This could be a network issue , may be you should delete all the browser cookies and try again.
Re: google adsense please Julie2 4/2/12 8:35 AM
Yes, They are really fast at solving such issues.Had similar experiences and found them very helpful.
Re: google adsense please Khai- 4/2/12 7:33 PM
Hi Ibadan Shops Online,

If you have login issues you should file a ticket and the support team would assist you within 24 hours during working days.

However if you really gone thru a bad experience could you please state out on which platform you were contacting Google and how long you have been waited for it, as well as your question.

We appreciate your feedback and is open for changes, we would like to improve our customer services that fits users the best. 
Sorry if there were any inconvenience caused.
Re: google adsense please Britsy - please "rate" replies 4/3/12 1:19 AM
Hi Guys

Jans, that is a very good idea. For those who do not know,... your browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Google Chrome etc...) stares some data that it uses if you visit the same site a again... It is possible that Username and ( if set up, Passwords) can be "remembered" and even if you put a new one in, it may somehow revert back to the original one.

To clear the CASK and COOKIES doe NOT  have to mean that you lose the facilities that "remember "Passwords". I found that in Chrome you have the facility to remove temp files, cookies and retain stored passwords and... you can tell it to delete them from any date in the past.... Lets say you delete cookies and temp files and it still does not work... you can then try to delete the passwords that are saved.. after this, you should be looking for a solution with Google as it is unlikely to be a problem on your side (unless you are typing as badly as i am and make as many spelling mistakes! )
Re: google adsense please Ibadan Shops Online 4/3/12 1:59 AM
HI, i used the help form to submit my complaints and i only got response after like 48ours.
Re: google adsense please Britsy - please "rate" replies 4/8/12 4:46 AM
Hi Ibadan

If you still have some outstanding issues, please let me know and i can try to get you the correct solution.

Re: google adsense please 4/17/12 8:59 AM
I want gooale ads to appear on my website
i have created a acc but when login a dailog box open in which i have to submit detail. again and again
Re: google adsense please Khai- 4/17/12 7:11 PM
If you are facing problem with adsense, please seek help in the Google Adsense Help Page.