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script tweaki 5/18/12 2:49 AM
i tried to insert a script into the "html box" that will stop people from copying my contents but no script is working.  will it work if i buy a custom domain?
Re: script Britsy - please "rate" replies 5/18/12 4:44 AM
Hi Tweaki

I think you should wait for the Google team to contact you and supply them a copy of the script. Some of these can damage your "built in" code. So, rather ask 1st before you try this type of stuff OK?
Re: script -Khai 5/20/12 8:51 PM
Hi Tweaki,

Yes Britsy is right, some unauthorized third party codes might be dangerous and chances to mess up the Google Business Sitebuilder control panel. However if you are clear with the codes and beware of the opening and closing of scripts it is usually fine. 

With the built in functions of latest browsers nowadays, it is near to impossible to prevent users to copy contents (text/images/etc.) from a website. If you have restricted contents that only a small group or appointed users could view, why not use some smart ways like using Google Docs to control the sharing group of your content?

Britsy has an interesting and easy to learn thread posted in this link about integrating Google Docs within Google Business Sitebuilder. Feel free to post further questions there and I'm sure Britsy and other members would be happy to assist you further =)