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'Home' button Lancashire 5/14/12 9:15 AM
I have made a home page and made it public. BUT only my contact details are showing when I go to find it, Yet when I go to admin its all there. Sitebuilder helpline says I need the  'home' button, What do they mean? and why cant they tell me? SOOOOO frustrating
Re: 'Home' button Britsy - please "rate" replies 5/14/12 9:41 AM
Hi there

I am happy to hear that all is still there in the admin section, it saves automatically and you have not lost anything of your work !

Ok, I assume you created only One Page so far...Right? Then you made it "public" right?
Now you should perhaps just quickly go back to the tad where you create the page and if it appears all the way you have set it up, then click at the top of the screen to "view" the page. A new browser page should now open and you should see the page.

If you wish, you can give me the URL so I can see your results so long?

I am going to wait here for your reply and I am confident we can sort this out quickly
Re: 'Home' button -Khai 5/14/12 6:53 PM
Britsy is right, if you would show us your website we will be able to assist you further.

Another thing is maybe you have delete your "Home" page and did not set other page as a home page.

Maybe you did not set any page as a home page?  Please try and have a look at the image above, try and create a page and click on "Make Homepage" in the Actions menu.

Please let us know your outcome, people around here are very helpful and friendly =)
By the way, Welcome to the Google Business Sitebuilder Forum Family Lancashire!
Re: 'Home' button Britsy - please "rate" replies 5/15/12 5:21 AM
Oi ! I think Khai has hit the button on the nose! 
( the professionals really know where to look don't they? )
I am keen to hear the outcome