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Google Webmaster tools picking up wrong keywords

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Google Webmaster tools picking up wrong keywords David Westwood 5/22/12 12:28 AM
I have built a simple website using Word. It has been crawled by bots and the main keyword shown on Webmaster tools  is "Description"  - 17 times. The word does not appear in my site, but I suspect it has been picked up from the links to the photos. Has anyone come across this before, and how can I rectify it?
Re: Google Webmaster tools picking up wrong keywords Britsy - please "rate" replies 5/22/12 6:40 PM
Hi David

This forum is exclusively for Google Business Site Builder users. However... please feel welcome here !

If I may suggest that you investigate the Google Site Builder as an alternative to do your website?

Why?-----well because Word is not really suitable and does some very weird things to the HTML code required for Websites to display in browsers. As I suspected (l am not be surprised at all) Word even add things like "description" in the code !  This comes out of the code on your site !

I am not sure if Google Site builder is also available for free in the UK but why do you not do a search and see.
All I can say is that it is really a awesome product for basic website development and requires no HTML skills at all.


Re: Google Webmaster tools picking up wrong keywords -Khai 5/23/12 12:37 AM
Hi David,

Britsy is right, this forum only supports discussion about Google Business Sitebuilder.
Unfortunately Google Business Sitebuilder is not supported in the UK region.

However, this problem might occur in Google Business Sitebuilder as well and a big thank you to Britsy. That is a perfect catch of the problem!
Exactly like what britsy said, the main problem comes from the raw source codes within the content you pasted from a Word document.

A quick fix for this is to paste the text into a basic "Notepad" first and copy the text again then paste it in the online editor. (Would have to upload images separately though).
Re: Google Webmaster tools picking up wrong keywords David Westwood 5/23/12 1:02 AM
Thank you both, that was really helpful.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! I will have to explore an alternative to Word.
Re: Google Webmaster tools picking up wrong keywords Britsy - please "rate" replies 5/23/12 1:51 AM
Hi David

Care to rate the responses pretty please !

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and by the way, I think you find a nice little site builder for VERY little (even free?) at but you may lose the Google rating you already have and you will be forced to host with them. ( new domain name... they may be able to take over your existing one and host under that) I do not know them personally but I was amused by the tool they have, it's easier than taking candy from a kid !
It is also available in Chrome Web Store (hope you are using Chrome browser - it is awesome, download it if you have not done so yet here it is: - when the browser opens up, it will have a slightly grayed - out arrow to the right. click on it to access the Chrome stuff you can download for free !)