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How to import contacts (vcf)

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How to import contacts (vcf) Ispanecabg 8/3/09 9:25 AM
I see this was asked 4 more times before, buth no answer. How to import 200+ vCard files at once ? One by one is stupid idea, and total loss of time :)
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) boomerbubba 8/6/09 9:24 AM
Contrary to what JohnW2 says, Gmail does support importing vCards.
Your problem is that you have exported your vCard files as separate files instead of a single file, which Gmail can also import.
Just go into the folder that contains your vcf files and combine them into a single file.  A DOS command COPY *.vcf MyNewFIle.vcf will do the trick if you are on Windows.  Then import the combined file.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) Daniel Redgate 11/30/09 7:07 AM
Thank you soooo much. I spent ages looking for this answer!

Re: How to import contacts (vcf) Tarzan00 12/10/09 6:11 AM
I got the same problem, but I'm on Mac Os X 10.6...
DO somebody have the trick to combine all the vcf card into 1 ???

Thanks !

Re: How to import contacts (vcf) artform 3/2/10 12:41 PM
To combine multiple VCF files into one on OS X, simply open up Terminal and navigate to the directory where all your VCF files are.

Run this command:
fmt -sp *.vcf > addresses.vcf

Then, import the resulting addresses.vcf file into Gmail. This UNIX command is the equivalent to the DOS command copy *.vcf addresses.vcf

Hope that helps!
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) yogi1 3/11/10 10:05 AM
@boomerbudda, @artform
Hey...guys I have same problem. I tried your solution but it never work. Please tell me another solution.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) mattrazzo 3/19/10 11:50 AM
"Just go into the folder that contains your vcf files and combine them into a single file.  A DOS command COPY *.vcf MyNewFIle.vcf will do the trick if you are on Windows.  Then import the combined file."

No dice -    "Oops. An unknown error occured while importing your contacts."

My problem is I have contact pictures on each contact card.  Exporting to a CSV strips that and would mean a few hours of me reattaching photos to contact cards.

I see Google support Outlook Contact Sync for their paid Google Docs service.  My guess is they will never support a functional import on the free side.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) mattrazzo 3/19/10 12:22 PM
I found the trick in another thread.  Use "copy /B *.vcf all_in_one.vcf" and it will retain the photos.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) pookasydi 4/20/10 7:04 AM
In OS X.6, you can highlight all the files you want to export in Address Book and export then, it'll make one file called vcard.vcf.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) Stroy 5/28/10 7:45 AM
After merging all vcf to one file by..

fmt -sp *.vcf > addresses.vcf
or alternativaly you can use
cat *.vcf >> allinone

i found that there is no new line between cards - so in file it looks: "END:VCARDBEGIN:VCARD". To fix this you can use
sed -i 's/END:VCARD/END:VCARD\n/g' allinone

Than importing work's just fine..
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) rockyridge 6/3/10 7:55 PM
I have around 1,000 contacts from my palm treo 750.  I put them into outlook, then exported them into about 20 different vcards (because the email was too big to do them all).
So, I emailed the Vcards to my gmail account and then tried to import them, but I get an error message "Sorry, we could not recognize the file format"  GRRR!!!
I just got the Nexus One google phone and I am trying to add my contacts.  I am tired of looking like a nerd by carrying 2 phones around.  I was told to send contacts via vcard to gmail and I would be set.  haha! 
Any ideas?
I would greatly appreciated the help!!! 
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) Benny-Nashville 6/7/10 10:43 PM
In windows I had the same issue with using the "COPY *.vcf final.vcf" command ("END:VCARDBEGIN:VCARD").  Instead I used this and it worked fine:

for /F "delims=" %i in ('dir/b *.vcf') do @more "%i" >> final.vcf
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) ianDG 7/25/10 6:54 AM
I cannot get Gmail to import a vCards.vcf file from Mac Mail.  I get an error message "There were problems with your CSV file, so no contacts were imported."  The Learn More link leads to "Importing contacts by CSV"  which requires that a CSV file is necessary!   So, which file format  is it?  VCF or CSV?  Mac Mail will not create a CSV format.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) gusmo 8/2/10 9:14 AM
If you need to import a single vCard (From Outlook, *.vcf) to your Gmail contacts; say you got it as an attachment to a Gmail message:

download card (somewhere you can find it);
open notepad (from your accessories folder);
File>open the vCard (*.vcf) file,
edit (file got a lot of junk),
cut and paste into gmail contacts ( typically paste the whole thing to the address field, and then snip to the correct fields)
save contact
delete vCard

To the Gmail team: there are hundreds of threads with this same query. Please do something automatic with this! Gee.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) ianDG 8/2/10 9:56 AM
Thx  Gusmo - I agree - too many questions on this subject - Wake Up Gmail Team!  
However, is there any way to import ALL of the contacts from Mac Mail to Gmail?  (The Mc team is not any better than the Gmail Team!)
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) moo3shun 12/6/10 7:29 AM
Thx, It's work...
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) robsonwt 1/6/11 11:52 AM
I've tried the Copy option on Windows but when I import on GMail it transform all my vcards into one contact with all e-mails as alternative e-mails of one and only contact. It didn't split up into several contacts.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) gbucci 1/25/11 3:21 AM
Under Mac OS I did the followin'
Open terminal where your vcf resides.
cat *.vcf >> addresses.vcf
 vi addresses.vcf 

then in vi type:


This has worked for me.
Thanks to everibody for the hints.
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) orlyco23 2/7/11 1:30 AM
import contacts from Microsoft Outlook  2007

i did all this :Select File > Import/Export > Export from the main menu

  • Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) > Select "Contacts" > Save exported file
but when i import to gmail -  the list copied but i canwt see the name on the main contact list.
help me please


Re: How to import contacts (vcf) kawsarhossain 3/5/11 10:37 AM
after exporting gmail contact its come out 1 single .vcf file nd how can i extract it to my all contacts pls any 1 give solution in here nd also mail me
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) saandip 3/11/11 6:09 AM
Procedure for Merging Contacts from separate places and uploading in Gmail :
I am posting this becuase i spent 2 days on this and tried various methods and arrived at this simplest procedure. I hope this reduces others efforts.

How did I convert transfer contacts from Samsung star s5233 (Bada OS) to Samsung galaxy ace (Android OS) :

1.    Had 331 contacts in phone memory in STAR , and 1047 in .VCF files on PC
2.    Through PC studio , imported the 331 contacts in the Address book of PC studio and exported them on PC in a folder “SIM contacts” as 331 separate .VCF files.
3.    Now renamed the folder of 1047 .VCF files as “PHONE contacts”.
4.    Creatd a new folder by name “ ALL contacts”
5.    copied 1047 files 1st, then 331 files next. So any repetitive files if there, are replaced by new updated ones.
6.    Now we have total 1354 contacts in separate .VCF files.
7.    Now we have to convert 1354 separate .VCF files into 1 single .VCF file (As it is easy to upload in Gmail at a single shot)
8.    Go to “cmd” and go to the path of “ALL contacts” folder by typing cd C:/…..
9.    now paste “for /F "delims=" %i in ('dir /b *.vcf') do @more "%i" >> all.vcf” as it is. (this is the best command which keeps all contacts intact )
10.    A new file “all.VCF” gets created in the same folder (you can check the size, it willl be in 120 KB, as all other single .VCF files will have size of 1KB)
11.    Now, Go to Gmail and import “all.vcf” file in it.
12.    You have got all the contacts in correct format !!!

The Links for other non-useful (which you might find in some forums, but are ineffective) and useful applications and procedures which might be useful in other similar scenarios:

Merging%20VCF%20files.htm - USEFUL
2.    “COPY *.vcf MyNewFIle.vcf” and “copy   /B   *.vcf   all_in_one.vcf commands miss out some contacts , SO NOT USEFUL
3. (it misses out phone no.s) NOT USEFUL
4.    XLS to CSV convertor ,
5.    Importing single *.VCF file into outlook  through Address book in Accessories. While it confirms each and every contact, you can use “Auto clicker” to click on “ok”
6.    .VCF to CSV convertor online USEFUL
Re: How to import contacts (vcf) mKayyali 3/16/11 3:31 PM
@saandip: Thank you so much, you saved my day... as you said exactly, all commands not worked with me only this one  (  for /F "delims=" %i in ('dir /b *.vcf') do @more "%i" >> all.vcf  ) worked as charm, Thanks again
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