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Scroll down freeze

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Scroll down freeze Grandma Anita 4/17/12 4:20 PM
I can not read all of my email messages- I do receive the emails, but when I try to scroll down to read the remainder of the message - it will not scroll down- it seems to be frozen
Re: Scroll down freeze RFL69 4/17/12 4:32 PM
I am having the same problem. When I scroll down all the stuff on the side is moving, not the primary content.  Frustrating.
Re: Scroll down freeze wdurham 4/18/12 3:51 AM
If you are both users of IE8, then please turn OFF Compatibility view to cure your scroll problems - do it like this:

1. In IE9, first press the Alt key to toggle the main menu bar on.
2. In IE8 or IE9, then click Tools and choose Compatibility View Settings
3. Remove from the big text box if it is there (in some versions it may not be.)
4. Uncheck the three checkboxes under the text box - this is very important, or Microsoft will just switch CV back on again next time you start IE.
5. Restart IE.
Re: Scroll down freeze garensmith 4/29/12 3:05 PM
Hitting the F11 key and putting it in full page worked for me.  Also hitting F11 again and taking it out of full page created a new scroll bar on the right hand side next to the one that didn't work.  I have to do that everytime I sign into gamil, but at least I can scroll now.
Re: Scroll down freeze kaha317 5/4/12 7:06 PM
I am having the same problem even after unchecking the 3 boxes under compatibility view (even though google was not even on the list, it helped somewhat with the ability to scroll down and still view bottom of email) However, there is still an overlap of the email over some of the scroll bar and text under the email if that makes sense.  

What's so irritating about Google is how so many changes are made to things that are JUST FINE THE WAY THEY ARE.  The reason I switched from hotmail to gmail was because of the simple clean aesthetics.  With so many small irritations building up I'm planning to return to another email provider.  

The other irritating thing is that there is little expecation of changes being undone even when so many people complain about their negative experiences with the changes.