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Old interface or forwarding mail

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Old interface or forwarding mail Canning 4/18/12 6:57 PM
I would like to know if it is possible to revert to the old interface (which I doubt). Failing that is there a way to automatically forward my mail to a new account on yahoo or hotmail or somewhere else until I can get all my friends/automatic groups changed over.

thanks Jim
Re: Old interface or forwarding mail bkc56 4/18/12 11:48 PM
As the final roll-out of the new look takes place, it will no longer be possible to retain or revert to the old look.

You can go to Settings->Forwarding to setup forwarding to another provider if you want.

Are you having any specific problem with the new look (things not working correctly), or is it a matter of personal preference (how it looks)?

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