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General Account issues and Appeals

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General Account issues and Appeals lasarian 6/9/12 3:29 PM
If anyone knows the answers to either of these, perhaps a google rep. or employee, would you please email me directly, especially regarding my website. Tell me what got violated and allow me to fix and defend myself, I mean this is the United States, even on the web we should have a right to know what google is accusing me of violating if anything.

I am trying to create a google account but since someone stole my name(literally, I made the name up years ago), anyways I decided to put a 1 at the end of it.  The name I want on my "for fun" gmail account is ( would rather have, which is probably my account anyways but hadn't used it in years and cannot remember account details, however, if the account is actually being logged into then someone did probably get the name from one of my gaming accounts).  If has not been used in a very long time maybe you guys could clear it and let me have that name.  Anyways, in the mean-time I want to use but when I try to create the account it says the name is already taken, so I goto recover it by clicking unable to login>forgot password>continue and gmail/google comes back with an error "USERNAME DOES NOT EXIST".  So how can the username return that it does not exist when I try to go thru the recovery process but the stupid create account process says it is not available?  You guys have a bug or something, please advise.


Also, I have requested appeals many times for my website, because it was disable for violating something.  Problem I have with that, is that the site has been up for like 3 years and has not had any real changes made other than some text added and spelling corrections.  Nothing has really changed on the site.  BUt suddenly it is disabled?  I feel you guys should show some courtesy and tell my what was violated, since as I said it was fine all these years with one single page, and no changes had been made to it in months other than spelling corrections and such.  I believe whatever autobot you are using screwed up and disabled my site by mistake.  I have read and re-read the user agreement and my one webpage violated absolutely nothing whatsoever.  Please help me on this as well.  If something happed like it got hi-jacked or something and I need to correct something just tell me so I can fix it and move on.  I want this page back because I have had it so long people are used to using it and no that my amazon store is embedded there to shop from.  Please help me, restore my faith in google, because lately all I see from you is a heavy handed mafia style of treating your customers who made you.  As a netework administrator for NASA and the U.S. Army for 17 years I promoted google in all design and implementation and feel that you guys should return the same respect to me.


Wesley Little

Network Administrator

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Windows 2003 BrainBench Certified Engineer

Army Systems Administrator II Certified


P.S.  As big as your company has become you really should provide phone support for issues such as this, and stop treating your customers like dirt by disabling their sites, etc. with no reason (just saying violated terms is not a reason unless you state what part of the terms were violated and allow the person to fix it), and then ignoring appeals all together.  I truely believe that the appeal link is just a dead link and there is never any review of the site that is disabled, which if I find is true would turn into perhaps a lawsuit, because it is illegal to falsely advertise or lead customers in business.
Re: General Account issues and Appeals bkc56 6/9/12 4:18 PM
On issue 1 - Account names are never re-used.  So if the account was closed/deleted you would get that it doesn't exist AND can not be created.  See:  So unless you can recover the account (you really did own it at one time) you won't be able to create it if the creation process says the name is used.

See the following article about how to recover a lost or compromised account:

On issue 2 - this is the Gmail help forum.  You'll need to find the proper forum for web-sites to ask about such issues.