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2-step verification

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2-step verification skittels 6/9/12 1:59 PM
I am having a major problem with 2step verification. I had to get a new phone number due to harassment. I went to sign in my gmail account to change my number and could not. I did the recovery request over and over because I was asked lots of questions. I am dyslexic and I am disabled and answered the questions to the best of my knowledge!! Now I am completely locked out of my account!! Google will not unlock verification code 2 for me. I also called your office to complain and the customer service rep was rude. I filed a claim against Google at the BBB, The Federal Trade Commissions Office and the Office of Labor due to loss of wages. I also contacted my attorney. All I needed was the code to be turned off so I could enter my new phone number in. Now what do you suggest?
Re: 2-step verification bkc56 6/9/12 2:04 PM
Now what do you suggest?

Well, I'd probably start by suggesting you calm down, stop trying to act like a bully, and making so many threats against the company you're actually trying to get help from.

So, when you submitted the account recovery form, what response did you get?

See the following article about how to recover a lost or compromised account:

Re: 2-step verification skittels 6/14/12 7:46 AM
First of all, let me start out by commenting on your comment to me.I am not a bully I resent that. I have called for support got nothing!! I did the account recovery 15 times like they requested!! Still nothing, then to be told they locked my account!! You know enough is enough. All I needed was the code to be turned off so I could enter my new phone number in. Simple request right?
Re: 2-step verification bkc56 6/14/12 11:42 AM
Simple request right?

One would hope so.  Let me try to get someone from Google to check on this account for you.
Re: 2-step verification bkc56 6/15/12 9:20 AM
I've been informed by Google that you HAVE been receiving replies (so that claim was false).  But they have reviewed your submissions and have now returned the account to you.