No Word Wrap in Gmail

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No Word Wrap in Gmail wally wombat 5/7/12 6:02 PM
There is so much stuff about this topic that I cannot find a simple reply, so I'll try asking.

I cannot get gmail to word wrap when composing a message, either in IE or Firefox.

I have searched everywhere for a turnon/turnoff option to no avail.

Any solutions that make sense would be appreciated.

Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail wdurham 5/7/12 10:51 PM
There isn't an option you can turn on or off. GMail wraps text to fit a message window by default. At the recipient end, it will wrap text to fit the recipient's window. 

The exception is if you are composing mail in Plain text - while composing, GMail will wrap to the window. But when you send, and at the recipient end, text is split into lines of about 78 characters, the internet standard for plain text line length. 

So what problem are you having? 
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail phlipsan 5/18/12 3:11 PM
Same problem here. When I type in a GMail compose window, the line does not wrap - it goes on until I either stop typing or hit a return. It's impossible to see or edit. I understand that the text is formatted when you send it, but what about while you compose? Is plain text the only option? Thanks.
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 5/18/12 3:21 PM
Which versions of your Browsers are you using. This used to happen in IE a long time ago.
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail phlipsan 5/18/12 4:59 PM
Firefox 12.0.

I switched to plain text and word wrap worked, but when I switched back, it quit again. It gets better. I switched the theme to one that I was told worked with word wrap - Turf - and word wrap worked. I then switched back to the theme that didn't seem to work - Orcas Island - and now it works. So now I'm totally confused. At least it seems to be working.

Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 5/18/12 5:35 PM
Probably a temporary glitch that corrected itself as you were switching back and forward.

Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail MtFitzRoy 8/20/12 10:45 AM
Some mails don't seem to word wrap and I had to use the slider.
I tried to look it up in the group and apparently it is an unresolved old problem. Many unanswered threads.
One was open December last year and I now, eight months on, still experience the same symptoms. I used Chrome, Firefox and Safari, all the same.
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail Eileen Murphy 11/2/12 12:36 PM
I think this happens when the sender has an embedded image which widens the message window. At least that's what happens to me.

Wonder if you're experiencing the same.

Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail Gmailer at work 1/9/13 11:26 AM
Still the same for me. The text wrapping is terrible in gmail. I use my gmail account on several different sized monitors and it is a gong show. Further to this, sometimes the vertical reading pane is much narrower than the space available, whether or not there are ads on the side. Applies to IE, Firefox, Chrome. 

... and text should wrap to the window regardless of the width of pictures in the message body. 

Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail wdurham 1/10/13 9:06 PM
Text does wrap to the width of the window. Unfortunately, it's the overlarge fixed-width image sent by your correspondent that fixes the width of the window. 

If you don't want to receive messages that are too wide for your screen to easily display, then talk to your senders and tell them to stop sending you huge images.
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail Steve Thorpe 1/11/13 9:31 PM
That is not the cause … I just received an email with no image, just one line of text: 433 characters, and is is not wrapping!

Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail wdurham 1/12/13 3:17 AM
OK - so have a look at the headers and the coding in that email.  Open it and use the More dropdown next to the Reply button to Show Original.

Then you can inspect how the message was coded and see why that single line does not wrap. 
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail Gmailer at work 1/14/13 12:15 PM
To me, it should work. The headers and coding are of no consequence. Make it work Google. The reading pane size should also fit the screen and it doesn't often. 
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail wdurham 1/14/13 12:31 PM
"Make it work Google". 

If your senders send information that cannot wrap, Gmail cannot wrap it. 

So tell your senders to "make it work". 
Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail wdurham 1/29/13 12:56 AM
There already is such an option for mail you send yourself - use Plain Text Mode.  That will fix the line length in messages you send at approx 70 characters.

But there's still nothing that can be done with incoming mail, which is formatted by the sender. 
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Re: No Word Wrap in Gmail wdurham 2/26/13 2:16 AM
You'll find it in the "More..." menu in a Compose or Reply window. See the screenshot here: