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how do i block 'groupon' spam?

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how do i block 'groupon' spam? anjon2 6/18/11 4:42 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

I never subscribed to Groupon but it invades my privacy and Google is apparently paid to allow this-
I want to block it. Please help me get rid of it. Thank you.

I use OS 10.5.8 and Safari 5.0.5.

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Re: how do i block 'groupon' spam? hurdingkatz 6/18/11 8:07 PM
If someone sends you an email addressed to your Gmail account, it generally gets delivered.

That being said, if at anytime you went to the Groupon site and entered your email address, even though they promised not to do things with it, then you did "subscribe," although you didn't know it and it wasn't disclosed to you. (I love those Groupon guys to hell.)

If you haven't done so already, open a message from Groupon. Click the Unsubscribe link in it (usually near the bottom). Put up with the screen that will open to smarmily tell you they're sorry you weren't happy with them, then move on with your life.

If you have already done that, report their mail as spam. (It's that button above the threadview that says "Report Spam".) Highlight the spam message, then click that button.

1 person's bargain opportunity is another person's spam. Don't blame the messenger.
Re: how do i block 'groupon' spam? The C Man ((mobile laureate)elder advisor) 6/19/11 5:45 AM
Groupon in this way is normally caused through something you have downloaded and installed or because you have purchased from one of their associates. Check the bottom of one of the posts and you should find a way of stopping them.
Re: how do i block 'groupon' spam? hurdingkatz 6/19/11 2:57 PM
The C Man: What you say is also a possibility, but all you have to do is go to the site out of curiosity. (The address resolves as "".)

Simply entering the site by giving your email address puts you on the mailing list -- although that intent is not disclosed when you do it. You can't get onto the site without doing it. It's call "negative optioning." (There is a way around it, if you're only window shopping. Turnabout is fair play in this instance.)

These days, after you enter the site, there's now pop-up a screen to tell you you've "officially subscribed." It even asks for more info to "finish" the process. You're not offered a "no I didn't" option, but you can click the X to close the pop-up.) Still, you're signed-up!

Because you "signed up," albeit inadvertently, the mail you get is not spam by definition. Unwanted mail, yes. Unsolicited, no (by strict definition).

Whenever the junk email starts arriving, using the Unsubscribe link contained therein turns it off. (Negative Optioning: You have to tell them you don't want something.)

It's that Unsubscribe link that saves them from being spammers.

Blame the merchant, not the messenger.
Re: how do i block 'groupon' spam? The C Man ((mobile laureate)elder advisor) 6/19/11 3:13 PM

Thanks for your input. Being in the UK I would not have the need nor the opportunity to enter Groupon's site but going from my own experience it was added as part of a virus to one of my machines. My advice was not far out in finding the unsubscribe. I used to get the adverts without the emails.