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Why do I need to enable cookies to access my gmail?

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Why do I need to enable cookies to access my gmail? trzpilu 8/7/10 7:35 AM
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Please explain to me why I have to accept cookies from google in order to access my gmail account? I'm not looking to be tracked, provide research data, or to have the pages load faster. I have 10 megs/sec and I really can't tell the difference between .01 sec and .001 sec. I get that the interface has to load, but again, that will take a whole... 3 seconds extra. I selected the option for Chrome to ask me every time cookies are to be installed, but there is absolutely no indication what they are for or what they are. A question stating "would you like to accept cookies from: [*.]" means as much to me as someone asking "can you let Bob into your home?" Who the heck is Bob? What does he do? Is he a junkie that'll rob my place? Please enlighten me as to why I cannot simply let the interface load every time and not have to put up with a bunch of crap being saved on my computer? 

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Re: Why do I need to enable cookies to access my gmail? LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 8/7/10 11:25 AM
The Cookie storage your login information such as your user name and password and your ip address. and without the cookies enable you will not be able to sign into your gmail account.
Re: Why do I need to enable cookies to access my gmail? trzpilu 8/7/10 12:33 PM
That is quite a silly answer. I know you can't log into Gmail without enabling them. The question is why?? Maybe I should clarify one thing. I'm not retarded. 

My memory functions quite well and so far I have been able to remember my login and password. Sometimes I even have the ability of eating a sandwich while typing both of them in. Can you believe that? Pardon the sarcasm. A cookie is saved on my computer so that it can remember my password and login? Doesn't that seem a little odd, when all I need to do is type them in? The IP address is assigned by your internet provider and is essentially in your router/ modem, which sends it out anyway... otherwise your internet wouldn't work. If you don't believe me, block all cookies and go to Somehow their page loads just fine... and manages to somehow link to my facebook despite the multiple ways I tried to disable that from happening, but that's another story altogether. 

So I ask again. Why do I need cookies to access Gmail? Or rather why is Google requiring to add cookies when they are not needed? Shouldn't I be able to simply opt out if I am capable of remembering my login and password, and my computer already storing my IP and all others?


In case you wonder what an IP address is.

Re: Why do I need to enable cookies to access my gmail? mrwhich 11/16/10 6:07 PM
I use mozilla to access gmail but I cant sign in because the cookies have been disabled so can you please  tell me how to enable  them thanks mrwhich