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Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days

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Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days satelliteindia 5/25/12 10:16 PM
I have various email accounts with Gmail and recently with all my accounts I am facing a very serious issue:

I have enabled pop in all the accounts and use Outlook 2010 to download the emails since last few weeks I have to go to my Gmail using firefox or IE and (though it is showing enabled) physically mark "Enable Pop" and then only my email start downloading.

Sue to this issue I have set auto forwarding all emails to my one account and from that account to my Yahoo account which assist me to see all my emails.

I do not understand why this is happening.

Someone please take immediate action on this and help me out as I am sufering a lot in my business due to this.

Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days wdurham 5/26/12 3:03 AM
You may be getting confused by the radio buttons in your POP settings - those buttons are only used to set POP on or off. They do not "hold" the setting you chose last. 

The current state of your POP service is in the top line of the settings box, like this:

1. Status: POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since 22/12/2011 

If Outlook will not download your mail, then you have different problem - what error messages do you get in Outlook when you try to download mail from the gMail accounts? 
Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days satelliteindia 5/26/12 3:46 AM
Thre is no confusion. The correct button is clicked and it also shows "POP ENABLED".
If I physically re-enable it by clicking on the enable pop now button then the emails get downloaded again.
I normally download the email also on my phones and there they show but they donot download on the outlook only. Is there a possibility that the emails once downloaded on my mobile get blocked as they still show as unread when I check them in the inbox. They also get downloaded on my Google Tablet, but not on the outlook in windows laptop.

Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days wdurham 5/26/12 7:28 AM
You ignored my question - what error messages do you get when you try to download mail using Outlook?  If you don't get any, then Outlook has having no trouble accessing your GMail account via POP. 

But if all your devices are using POP, then you must enable recent mode. See the reference for how to do that

Otherwise whichever device gets to the GMail account first will get the mail, and the other devices will not. So if you have downloaded mail on your phone, for example, there will be nothing for Outlook to collect. 

As for the POP settings in GMail, if they say POP is enabled, then POP is enabled, and messing with radio buttons will change nothing. 
Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days satelliteindia 5/28/12 2:47 AM
Sorry yes I missed replying to you for the error. There was no error message in the Outlook ever and hence I was puzzled.

Anyway THANKFULLY yor assistance of using recent mode '' has worked.

Now I have new issues even though IMAP is showing active I am unable to get emails on my phone for few accounts. I tried deactivating and reactivating, deleting and re-creating all options but everytime it shows that you need to activate IMAP in gmail and reactivate your account in blackberry.

What could be the issue?

Awaiting your help.

Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days wdurham 5/29/12 10:31 AM
Recent mode is not related to IMAP. It is a means of overcoming the restriction in POP accounts of just one download before being marked as not available. 

If you are POP-ing to Outlook, what is GMail set to do after Outlook downloads the message? Check your settings, and make sure GMail's copy is being retained in the Inbox. Otherwise any IMAP access will not appear to succeed, because there will be nothing in the Inbox for it to synch with. 

So what is the error you receive when trying to synch your phone via IMAP? 

Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days satelliteindia 5/29/12 10:44 PM
Leaving aside the outlook and POP this is a different issue.

Please read the issue freshly as below:

I configured the account with IMAP on Gmail but when I create a new account on my blackberry at that time the error message shown is "IMAP is not Active on your gmail account. Please activate IMAP and then re-activate your gmail account on the blackberry"

I tried re-activating IMAP several times but yet the same does not work. I tried deleting the account on Blackberry and re-create it yet everytime it says the same thing.

Re: Need to refresh "Enable Pop" every few days wdurham 5/29/12 11:15 PM
Are you connecting correctly with the Blackberry? If IMAP is enabled in the GMail account, then I can see no reason why the Blackberry can't recognise this.

Are you using the correct settings, particularly the port number? 

Generic IMAP settings are here:

You may also have to ensure that All Mail is set to show in IMAP in your GMail account - go to Settings/Labels to do that.