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what are the boolean operators?

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what are the boolean operators? tomrecht 3/21/12 5:27 PM
An article named "Boolean Operators" ( says, "You can use boolean operators such as 'OR' when searching in Gmail".  An appended comment says that NOT is represented by '-'.

Is that it?  Or are there other booleans available?

In an article, "Using advanced search" (, there's a table that includes OR, parenthesis (which act sort of like AND), and '-' (NOT), but it also says "Some of the most useful operators are listed".

Are there other booleans?  As for searching, what are the "less useful" operators?

Re: what are the boolean operators? bkc56 3/21/12 7:46 PM
The only boolean operators that make sense for string searching are AND, OR, and NOT (-).  What else did you have in mind?

You've found the Google help article.  Here's another site that give more useful information...

How to search:
Re: what are the boolean operators? tomrecht 4/23/12 11:49 AM
I had in mind whatever was meant when they said, "Some of the most useful operators are listed", but didn't provide a list.  I was also interested in whatever they consider less useful than "the most useful" ones that were on the list that I couldn't find.

Sometimes I just like to look through my toolbox and see what I have. It helps me choose what I need when I'm trying to solve a problem.

However, all that aside, THANK YOU for the link! I don't know whether it was my clumsiness in trying to find it or Google's expertise in stowing it so I couldn't, but I didn't.