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Recovery Form Not Working

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Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/16/12 12:42 PM
I have 2 step verification active on my Google account but I have it set up to send the verification code to my Textfree number. I let the number expire and it never occured to me to change the number I have the verification codes sent to. I didn't fully understand 2-step verification when I set it up so I didn't submit a backup number to recieve the verification codes and I didn't print the backup codes. I know, I screwed up,I was paranoid about someone breaking into my account and since my husband has 2-step verification I set it up on my account too. I have filled out two forms and after the first one I was sent an e-mail congratulating me on being able to sign into my g-mail account. The problem is that I can only get into g-mail from the app on my phone or tablet because they don't ask me to sign in. It seems like the recovery process is now stopped but I am still locked out of my Google account. I need to have the verification codes sent to my cell instead of the expired textfree number. I had to sign in with my husbands account just to post this. I'll probably just have to open a new account but I hate to do that because of my apps and the fact I have some work related mail in my g-mail account of a few years. If anyone has any advice on anything else I can do to get my account recovered please let me know. Thanks very much in advance.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working bkc56 5/16/12 12:55 PM
Let me try to get you some help on this account.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/16/12 1:03 PM
Thank you very much, if you need to know my accounts name or any other information please let me know.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working bkc56 5/16/12 1:08 PM
Google can usually figure stuff out, but if they need anything I'll post how to provide it.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/16/12 1:39 PM
Thank you
Re: Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/17/12 6:51 AM
Hi Brett,
       I just wanted to check and make sure Google didn't drop me through the cracks.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working bkc56 5/17/12 8:41 AM
It seems there is some question about the name of the account you are trying to recover.  Please submit the Account Recovery Form again using this ID you are posting from as the contact address.  Post to this thread when you have done that so I can inform Google.

Re: Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/17/12 10:25 AM
I just re-submitted the account recovery form using this account as the contact address. Thanks again
Re: Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/17/12 12:18 PM
I just recieved the following e-mail in my yahoo e-mail account. It looks like a response from the second account recovery form I filled out Tuesday. I am removing my account name and the link to follow because I am not sure if I should post that in this forum. I am wondering if I should take Google up on this service or wait until they respond to you regarding the recovery form you suggested I submit this morning? I don't want to mess up the process. Thanks, it seems like we are getting somewhere :)


Thank you for providing information to help return your Google Account . At Google we take security very seriously, and after evaluating your responses we've determined that we'll need more information to return this account to you.

In order to continue the recovery process, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to provide additional information to the Google Account Recovery Team, which may be able to help further. You can click the personalized link below to get started:

The Account Recovery Service will be accessible via the above link for 5 days after this email was sent. Once you submit your account and payment information, you’ll receive a response within 3 days.

The Google Account Recovery Team

Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043.

Re: Recovery Form Not Working bkc56 5/18/12 8:31 AM
I have been informed that this account has been returned.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working JaimeannG 5/18/12 10:50 AM
Yep, I am back in!! I just want to thank you for all your help. It's really nice that you are here spending your time to help us all out. Also, for those of you who have 2 step verification enabled do yourself a favor and print your backup codes and give google a backup #. Spending less than a minute doing this is much better than spending several days trying to get your account back if you ever have a problem.
Re: Recovery Form Not Working bkc56 5/18/12 1:06 PM
I'm glad you're back in.

And I marked your own post as "best answer" because your advice at the end is right on!!