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Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover

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Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover kutzjes 4/10/12 6:51 AM
I was responding to an email and when I was done typing the email I clicked on the send button on my phone.  The message was sent, but I still had the saved draft so I opened up my gmail from an internet browser on my pc and tried to delete the draft, however that deleted the original message.  So I have the reply in my sent items folder, but not the original message it was attached to.  Is there any way to recover the original message?  I cannot find the original message in my trash folder.


Re: Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover KeithR 4/10/12 8:14 PM
Have you turned off Gmail's Conversation View?  Did you alter the subject of the message when you replied?  If the answer to both of these is "No", then the original message is attached to the reply in All mail or Sent Mail.  Open it and check carefully.
Re: Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover kutzjes 4/11/12 12:20 PM
I've tried all of that.  I turned of Conversation View, nothing.  I didn't change the subject of the email when I replied and the original message is not in the All Mail or Sent Mail.  All I did was open the original message on my phone using the Gmail app.  I hit reply, then starting typing my message.  I had a phone call come in that I had to take so I answered it, then when I went back into the saved draft and finished typing, it for some reason kept the first draft with the original message attached to it as a draft and created a new one that it actually sent.  I then went into the web version using Firefox and tried to see why the draft was still there, I thought the original message was attached to the reply, but when I deleted the draft, it deleted the original message as well.  I really need the information that was in the original message.  Any other things I can try?
Re: Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover KeithR 4/11/12 6:25 PM
My best guess at this stage is that there is something wrong in your phone app settings and the original copy has not been put into the Trash when you deleted the extra draft.  Under these conditions, I think it has gone forever unless you are looking in the Trash on your phone - check the Trash on the web interface as well if you haven't already.

The saving of multiple drafts is indicative of a phone app setting error.  If the phone is connecting using IMAP, you should set it to NOT save drafts on the server.
Re: Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover AlexW5 7/16/12 11:17 AM
I have also encountered a similar issue where an email conversation disappeared using the Gmail app on Android 4.0.4, and believe I recently reproduced it.

I wrote a draft message entirely using the Gmail app, then clicked Save Draft before writing a little more and then Sending a few minutes later. After sending, the message still indicated that my previous draft was still there, so I opened that draft from the Inbox view, and went to Edit -> Discard. This discarded the entire message. Remembering that I had encountered this issue before, I instantly went to my PC (where Gmail was open) and tagged the conversation with a Label (in addition to the Inbox label).

I then looked for the message on my Gmail app. It cannot be found in that Label, in the Inbox, Sent Mail, or Drafts, even after refreshing. The Drafts count was counting the missing conversation, but not displaying it in the list. Performing a search found the email correctly tagged with both the Label and the Inbox. The message appears correctly in every place when I access Gmail from my desktop web browser.

There's still no sign of the first email I deleted, but at least this one is alive on my desktop and through search.

Re: Discarded draft deleted original email, need to recover UNFAIRscooters 7/20/12 3:30 AM
Today I received an email with a word attachment and read it on my galaxy i9000 I then started to type a response and got an incoming call. I answered the call and went back to my email where it had saved in draft (twice, it's not uncommon for it to save upto 4 copies when I'm still writing an email.) I then sent the email and went to forward the email with the attachment to a friend and it was gone. All that was left was suchandsuch@gmail said:

and there is nothing after that. I didn't delete, I didn't relabel, it just vanished, I have checked every where and I cannot get the email or the attachment back. :( I checked on my PC straight away (it wasn't logged into gmail) but no luck.