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Filtering on SMTP Headers

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Filtering on SMTP Headers zongi 9/8/09 5:50 AM
I would like to filter message based on the 'Received: from' field in the SMTP headers. This is different than the 'From:' header inside the message. I would like to differentiate between messages sent directly to me and those forwarded to me from another account. Is this somehow possible?
Re: Filtering on SMTP Headers bkennelly 9/8/09 8:05 PM
You cannot filter on arbitrary headers.  You can filter on "to:", which will also match CC, but will not recognise BCC messages.

If you forward to an alias of your account (e.g., you can filter on the alias name with [ deliveredto:acct1 ]. 

Re: Filtering on SMTP Headers zongi 9/9/09 7:46 AM
Excellent. This works perfectly. I actually tried earlier to filter based on an alias of my account, but couldn't find a way to access the Delivered-To header either. Now I know of some undocumented operators that can be used in the "Has the words" and "Doesn't have" fields of the filter. For the benefit of other users:
1. deliveredto: - allows searching in the Delivered-To header of the original message.
2. replyto: - allows searching the Reply To header of the original message.
3. listid: - not sure how it works, but it allows filtering messages from lists.
Re: Filtering on SMTP Headers scotttocs 12/18/09 7:07 PM
Is there any plan to actually enable this functionality so we don't have to add workarounds to the address-space?