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The Ad's are all in french

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The Ad's are all in french Tracker 40 5/17/12 5:53 PM
All the Ad's are in french, I do not want french Ads. I dont care if I get the stupid ad's at the top as I know this is how Google makes money. But I do care that just because I live in Quebec I am forced to receive all my ad's in french.

Google has a choice. Fix this problem as I am sick and Tired of french getting forced on me just because the poeple and gov have an issue with english in the province. This is the Internet, Hell I bet the servers are not even located here.

Re: The Ad's are all in french icantchooseone 5/18/12 1:08 AM
im not sure about the language issue but you can disable web clips ( top ad's) in mail settings