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Can I file a disclaimer for lower multiple account security?

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Can I file a disclaimer for lower multiple account security? K3v1nB1 4/8/12 8:05 PM
I use two Gmail accounts all the time: One for personal issues, the other for business. I also sign in to my wife's Gmail account from time to time to take care of issues for her.
My problem is that the automatic logout function for multiple accounts does not work properly. GMail will ping-pong back and forth logging me out of the account I just signed in to forever. Once I log back into one account the other logs out. Log in again there, the other logs out. You should be proud of the security level here as it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to use GMAIL maintaining absolute security (sorry for the sarcasm, but really...)
Please provide a "STOP IT" button that will let me log back in to both accounts in separate browser tabs. It could even tell me I'm doing so at my own risk of (gasp) compromising my security.

I understand that anybody who thinks anything connected to the internet is secure is incredibly naive and has no understanding of the underlying technology. They are lost in the fantasy that we try to propagate in the tech world. You would think that after seeing us fix problems they've gotten in to once or twice they would know nothing is safe...

Re: Can I file a disclaimer for lower multiple account security? gambitdragon 5/15/12 6:20 AM
I also am having this issue. I have three accounts up on a regular basis, and sometimes it will just ping-pong me out. Several times a week, I'll come in to work and find out that I have to sign in to my accounts again, except that I have to re-link my accounts AGAIN or it will sign me out every time. This is obscenely annoying (especially when you use app tabs) as it takes several minutes out of my day and ruins my mood.

This used to not be an issue, but for the last several months, it's only been getting worse.

Re: Can I file a disclaimer for lower multiple account security? wdurham 5/15/12 7:17 AM
Multiple Sign-in requires a bit of discipline. It also needs you to realise that some Google products do not work with Multiple Sign-in. 

At the start of a session, you sign in to the account you want to be the default account for the session. How you choose which account to start with depends on what you want to do. If, for example, you want to do some work on YouTube - which only works properly when it is the default account for a session - but still want to keep an eye on your email, sign into the YouTube account first. 

Then to sign into other accounts AT THE SAME TIME, each in their own tab, you then 

1. click your name in the top right corner of the default account you just opened, 
2. click Add Account, and 
3. sign in to the next account. 

If you then sign out of any of the open accounts, you sign out of the entire session, and need to start again. So don't sign out of any account until you are done for the day or for the session. If you don't want a tab to display any longer because you are finished with that account, just close the tab - do not sign out, or all your open accounts are signed out. 

I had loads of problems myself when I first started using the feature, because I didn't understand the key principles. But once you understand how it works, then it's really quite simple.

Try the Help reference for full info:
Re: Can I file a disclaimer for lower multiple account security? gambitdragon 5/15/12 1:59 PM
I do understand that portion, but my problem is that I don't actually sign out. I have it set where I should stay logged in (browser open or not) and gmail will sometimes decide to kick me out (occasionally several times a morning). I've even had my linked accounts unlinked without me doing so. I don't use any of the other google services either, so that shouldn't be an issue.