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How to return Old Good Look?

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How to return Old Good Look? wsfiss 4/22/12 10:52 PM
I can't return the Old Good Look. New look -- completely foolish and comfortless.
Re: How to return Old Good Look? bkc56 4/22/12 11:00 PM
As the final roll-out of the new look takes place, it will no longer be possible to retain or revert to the old look.  Google has chosen to only support two versions of Gmail (Basic and Standard) and not the "old look".

Are you having any specific problem with the new look (things not working correctly), or is it a matter of personal preference (how it looks)?

For solutions to many of the common new look problems see:
A visual guide to customizing the new look:
Using User Styles to customize Gmail:

What changed in the new look, and why:
New look guide:
Re: How to return Old Good Look? mab1208 4/22/12 11:08 PM
The new look is very hard on the eyes.  It is bland, there is minimal distinction in between the different action buttons.  I will NOT use this account very often, I will revert to my old Yahoo account.  Whoever came up with this design should be demoted.  Just an example of having to make a change for change sake.  Really, really actively hate this.